What happen now?


So what am i suppose to do here then

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You are supposed to be tutored and practice.


already did that didnt work

i will give it 1 more chance since it seem like it wont work today (but maybe it might if i close it idk i already tried restarting it before)

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When this happens is because there is no connection with the sever, you can notice it by the Egold number doesn’t show up, you need wait the new hamster start run on the server wheel

Yea and your gold has been requisitioned until the circumstances are clarified. (Its safety is not promised)

yea that one of the scary part to me tbh im fine with losing an event stage but some of those gold? nah man

anyway i will give it 1 chance tomorrow if it still dont work welp then it a very anti climatic way to quit a game

well seem like enlisted dont want me to leave just yet since it decide to work now