What getting a M1919 on round 2 does for you


OH I WANT THE M1919. Literally one of the first things I thought would be so nice to have when I realized there was a Mystery Box

It is really good, but the ammo are very expensive (I think it is the most expensive weapon to reload), you need to be careful with the ammo.


Yep, you need 380 points for 200 rounds.

There are weapons that are powerful but have unusually high ammunition, etc. In the end, using MP40 with wall buy seems to be the best solution.

My favorite combo is StG and and type 2 smg


My best combo is M1919 and MP40(or some other cheap gun), and I usually use only MP40 and use M1919 only when hordes of enemies come at me.

Its weird how controllable the 30 cal is compared to German MGs in this game.

If anything, the 1919 should be the MG with the most dispersion, because its stock makes it impossible to shoulder fire in real life.


Its recoil is similar to the MG-42. What makes it controllable is the slow fire rate (almost half the fire rate of the MG-42) which drastically reduce the impact of recoil.

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