What does each orange title after the id mean?

I am getting confused. So I know the cbt titles are for old players. but what about others? like is helper the communication between devs and player?

Only 9 members it seems: https://forum.enlisted.net/en/g/Helper

Probably similar to forum moderators that likely also do some interaction with the dev team.
Community helpers are Gaijin/DF staff I believe in case that would be the next question.

What is the title in question?

probably something like mine

so, there are a couple of titles

Enlisted Tester = Players were selected that started playing from the beginning around the first 2 closed alphas ( roughly started to play 3 years ago )

Enlisted_CBT = Players that started playing from the closed beta test around 2 years ago and has been selected as well as others that bought the premium squad to access the closed beta ( mp41 squad, and ppk-41 squad )

Helper = selected members that can be recruited or volountary from the team to aid and assist with issues or questions. they can as well gather suggestions and send them to the developers. not sure
but i believe they deal with CBR bug reports.

Store = members of the store department. usually can assist you if you have troubles in purchasing something or inform about changes made to the store

Developer = members that are somewhat active in the forum and are part of the company team development.

Forum Moderator = members that make sure by any means, rules are enforced on the forum, and members respect those.

Community Manager = spooken selected individuasl that often talks about upcoming informations, updates, and sends suggestions to devs.

and Alpha Team Tester = a group of selected players that has access to " hidden " builds and tests ahead of time updates, gather feedbacks from the community to send, and deal with the CBR bug report too.

Historic Adventurer = not sure if it’s still around, but i remember decard being one. usually those individuals helped in some way regarding historical knowledge and attended some real life hosted events. which it’s one of the oldest role. not sure again if those roles remained or not.

and that is a bout everything.
( might be missing one or two roles though )