What do you think about the M1 carbine?

I unlocked it long ago but have had little chance to use it as I kept using the M1903 and then updated to the M1 Garland.
I bought several for use with the BR2 and have a general idea of its performance. I understand that the gun is not good at long range and that it is meant to be used like a submachine gun that can only fire semi-auto.
When I hold that gun, I am constantly running around and clicking the mouse hard, but I can’t help but wonder if perhaps there is a better use for it.

What do you guys think about this sexy carbine and how do you use it? Also, if you have any tips on how to use it well, I would love to hear from you before my mouse breaks.

I think its decent enough to use in a BR 2 deck.

I enjoy it, however…its RoF makes it feel pretty lackluster (should feel so much better)…needs to be bumped up to 480 (like the beretta 1918/30)

…overall for BR 2 its a solid choice IMO


It has extremely annoying slow rof.


Yeah, I too would like to see the power of it or a slight increase in RoF.
And I’d also like the stock to be a little darker than the white one.


One of my least favorite guns in the game.
I have never really used them and never will.
Small thing, looks like a toy.
Sounds like a toy too.
No hitpower at all.

Only good if you can headshot everybody (I cant).


Yep, it’s basically pistol in primary slot.


M1 Carbine was designed to be a cheaper alternative to the M1 Garand since even with its impressive economy, the US had trouble equipping their army.
M1 Carbine was mostly used by support and specialized personnel while infantry kept the Garand. Its realistic that the carbine isnt stronger, but its damage is lackluster even if Armaguerra isnt any better. It suffers from the same problem as it had in H&G, its damage and range cant be buffed because of M2 carbine, though its still useful in CQC.


My $0.02? I like it well enough. It takes a bit of practice and remembering to only quick press the ADS button, but turns a rifleman into a ersatz assaulter. It used to be pretty bad because it had PCC damage but full power rifle recoil. Since they reduced the recoil, however, it’s slotted in to it’s role as a decent choice for relatively close ranged engagements. On a side note; It always amuses me how people talk about how “weak” .30 carbine is. It’s a bit more powerful than .357 magnum fired out of a longer barreled weapon, at least until they started chambering automatic pistols in the cartridge, but I digress. Point is, it gets the job done. One thing I would like to see in game is that ridiculous dispersion reduced.

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WTF, that Carbine is just f* awesome…
I have the Time of my life with this gun… THX Devs for making this Gun useful

I wish they did the same with G41/43


my opinion?, it can be a funny toy for make it be full auto weapon

I generally equip my AT/Engineer/Radio squadmen with one. It can be quite dangerous in close combat, and can still pop heads from a little while away.

A good tip is to ensure the squaddie who has one also has a couple of points in the vertical recoil perk, and also to upgrade it maxed out (for better vert/hori recoil, less deviation and more stopping power).

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It’s a gun that’s been done dirty and has the same TTK as a pistol and about the same range as one due to its dispersion

M1 carabine use almost a useless weapon because pistol are better than the carabine and it demonstrated by the recoil.

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If you want the true M1 Carbine experience, you need to play RS2: Vietnam or Red Orchestra 2 (RO2 is kind of dead, so go for RS2). This game does not provide the true M1 Carbine experience (it is glorious).

In this game, just use it on engineers and other specialists. It is supposed to be an accurate carbine with much less recoil than Garand, but it can and will get smoked because of two-plus shots to kill with a 320 ROF. An M3 grease gun shoots faster than this gun; think about that.


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But I killed 39 people in one minute with that gun yesterday.

All joking aside, my opinion is that it’s not bad for a BR2 self-loading rifle.
However, only in BR2, and after BR3, it is sad that it does not have a single advantage over the Garand. Only the number of rounds loaded is superior, but it is not a great advantage since the power is low anyway. Not even in close combat. The Garand with bayonet is better.
For the US faction, it was the gun used throughout the Great War, so I would like to use it in the later BRs, but unless I have a significant attachment to it, I would replace it with a Garand or M2 carbine. the M1 carbine seems like it could use a little more buffing, like raising the hit power to 9, the same as the StG44.

By the way, I thought RS2 was a dead game too. The company that developed it already does not exist.


What if I told you there could be more than just killing bots and having dispersion?

All weapons need a buff in damage tbh. They add in crazy amounts of dispersion so why not.

Not as dead. I can redownload it right now and will find multiple servers, can’t say the same for RO2. The company got off by Swiss, but the dev team is trying to make the game without the company now. I’m quite suspicious of it after the Burning Lands incident.

Killing bots is one of the great pleasures in this game.

For me, whether the game is alive or dead depends on whether there is bot support. That means that whenever I want to play, the bot will be there for me.
RO1/RS supports bots, so whenever I walk into a server I have bookmarked, I am always greeted by a packed bot opponent and can play until I am ready. There are also several servers in Asia that attract about 20 people on the weekends. I still play it.
I was hoping to be able to play RS2 the same way, but the dev team is gone without completing the bot. So, RS2 is a dead game to me because when I check the server browser, it’s full of empty servers and no bot.
I guess I can play it if I check the time when people gather, but not being able to play it without matching other people’s playing time is the same as being dead to me. At least if RS2 had bot support, it would have been a good Vietnam War game for me.

Enlisted’s matchmaker puts together terrible matches, but at least I can play whenever I want to play and play against the bots, which is my favorite. The other game I play actively is Sandstorm. There is a good bot in that game as well.

Any game that deals with the Vietnam War is a must for me to check out, but unfortunately they are all short lived.
I wish Enlisted would start a Vietnam War campaign.

There is bot support; you either have to make your own server or find one of them. The Winter War mod server has bots.

Why would you want to play a game with developers that actively stack factions with paper weapons instead of being creative with gameplay?

I have been playing RS2 offline for a long time. But starting the game with console commands has become a pain in the ass. bot is incomplete and worse than the enlisted bot. It stops working on some maps.
I know that there are servers with bots, but I avoided accessing modded servers because I heard that MEGAserver was making players who accessed it download malware.
That is why RS2 is a dead game in my mind.
I am waiting for a better Nam game to come out.

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Personally, I haven’t had any from playing it. The reason they got accused of that is because the owner had a link to a “not family friendly” website. But even if it does somehow have malware, none of the other mods do that.

One day, hombre, one day