What did I do to deserve this

The pain, it hurts

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you can do a quick match against bots over custom matches to gain the needed xp if you do not want to wait :stuck_out_tongue: instead of having to play another match to get the AT rifle.

it will save you having to do said match without it.

neat thing, AI do not have tanks.

Thanks Mate!
I originally made this post as a joke, but that’s some really helpful info.
Have a good day

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Once, with the old campaign system, I needed… one… single… xp point to unlock the next level.

People in forums, said I got Gaijined.

I think I still have a snapshot somewhere.

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Augghh. That would be terrible if I had that lol, I ended up playing another match for the AT rifle in the image and I won the match with first place so I guess it was worth it lol
Have a good day Mate

You anyway will save your extra xp, so don’t worry, they still don’t monetisate that mechanic.

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Yeah, I got like 16K extra XP from the match I mentioned to Conscript Joe and I invested it into the Fighter Pilot II squad (Focke-Wulf somthin’ or other I think) and yeah, Imagine if you had a situation like mine but when you earned your extra XP you had to to pay for it to use it lol

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AT rifle?

Ohoh you’ll have a nice surprise when you’ll use that for the first time… :upside_down_face:
It gives a bit more… explosive… results.

Yell at me all you want, put I have completely neglected my AT squad because funny Tiger II (H) make Soviet tank turn to dust but Y’know what I’ll try it out because you said the word Explosive

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Imagine a rifle, but it shoots AT grenades.

The grandpa of the pzfaust if you will.

What’s great about it, is that it comes with a lot of ammunition compared to other similar weapons. You can cripple, and explode, pretty much every br3 and under Sov tanks save for the KV. And even KV, with a lot of luck.

… I had jumped into a BR5 Germany v. America match before I had read this message. It was on Omer North, and the Amis were starting out on the other side of a bridge, Well whaddya know, Sherman II comes rolling in, straight out the gate. It’s way across the river, with most of it frontal armor facing me. I take aim for their lower ammo storage ( I’m a tank main so I know where that is on pretty much every tank in the game atm) And i’m like, it’s a BR2 weapon it won’t pen set the sights to 100m BOOM Sherman II reduced to atoms in a matter of 2 seconds BUT I’M NOT DONE YET Later in the match, my team cannot hold Scheiße so we’re the second to last point, Sherman M4A6 (76W) comes rolling in front of the point being covered by the wreckage of a Panther G and he’s like 65mm/75mm away from me I have 5 rounds in the AT gun left, I completely freak tf out I whip out the AT I botch the sight setting so my round is only going 50mm up then I SOMEHOW hit the very bottom of the sherman, reduce his transmission to an ice cream cone on a very hot day, he can’t back out, he knows he done for and tries to end me before I end him his turret is pulling up towards me I fix the sight setting while he’s turning his turret he exposes his turret ammo stowage I take the shot BOOM Sherman is no more, thank you for inspiring me to use this Pzfaust with a barrel and sight


Like this



Told you it gave explosive results! It’s just a bit more difficult to use than fausts, but it sure works.

Like what? Could you please elaborate a little more? ( Also I never played pre-merge but my friend dropped me the MP-717r and I got a 17 man killstreak with it so that’s really cool that you have it lol)

Now I don’t have a Faust what are those like

Like what joe said that he had 1 xp left to unlock next level it happened to me,too

Oh lol yeah sorry mate have a good day

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They’re “point in a general direction and watch it burn” weaponry :sweat_smile:

Really good. Lacks a bit of range compared to bazooka… but nothing resists. There’s even a more powerful faust after the next one you’ll unlock.

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Havent they removed xp gain from customs ?

for small ammount of xp like in the op pictures, is ideal.

you can earn up to 1000+

but yeah. dont expect too much from it

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