What a Pity, War Tundra Released new 222 vehicles

War Tundra has released new 222 vehicles in the latest development news.

A pity is that we may won’t have such a thing here

Some players always claim that the transport vehicle is USELESS here, and claim that ALL WWII stuff has been released to the end in this game


Strictly speaking, vehicles like sdkfz220 and 222 or ba64 will not play a purely transport role. They will be used for combat missions such as reconnaissance and communications.

But duel the pushing shooting SKILL combat and pewpewpew-redo play core here. There aren’t even sniper engineers or mortars here, so you wouldn’t have these vehicles.


Since when SDKFZ 222 is considered a transport vehicle? It is a reconnaissance armour car. If you want transport vehicle you should consider half track, not armour car.

We already have armour car like ab41 in game, but it is used as a tank.

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This game is a great WW2 sandbox and it has the potential to grow even more. I hope we get so many more vehicles, including transports

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I could see this featuring if they add a France campaign.

I think they should add them as collector vehicles, there’s all kinds of vehicles that could be added an aircraft as well then I wouldn’t mind paying a price for to be able to play around with in game

They were used more or less through the entire war the 222’s, be great for Tunisia

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BTW, is calling War Thunder a War Tundra some kind of meme?


Interesting! you may get your second machine gun squad at level 25, equipped with aaaaanother MG34.

They can cut a cake called the player group into 64 pieces, each with a different flavor.

You want to play sdkfz251? Please go to the 1939 Polish Campaign.

It sounds laughable logic. A player takes on a role in a battle in order to play something, and then he has to suffer and pay the price of losing the game? How about applying this logic to something you like, like an airplane.

This is just what happens to ba11 and fw189 and many other things in the game. What so called USELESS things.

I agree, every player should be comfortable with paying a price (for example spawn score for different choices) for the game experience.

Instead of paying the game experience itself for nothing, which what happens in the game things.

These two cases are totally different.

I meant as a collectors vehicle, because I don’t think you could call it a premium squad, and it wouldn’t be useless, the 2 cm canon would be about as effective as the 20 mm on the Italian scout car.

wish to get my hands on one of these for my mods :smiley:

though, i also want “my” halftracks

( p.s wrong section tommy. )

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We need bigger maps for adkfz type of vehicles. They will be easy pickings for tanks otherwise
I dont want to image that using some of them in urban berlin maps or stalingrad.

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In WT it’s was also featured in the Chinese tree, maybe that’s how we will see it.

maps are not big enough or open enough for flanking, the strongest part of a tank is the front, meaning vehicles without big guns just can’t kill medium or heavy tanks unless the enemy screws up

there’s planty of ground for recon vehicles. and pretty much any other ground vehicle.

if you can’t use them and end up on some trenches, the fault does not lays in the vehicle.

i can tell you that much.

and… shocker, but the 222 is not an anti tank vehicle.
so it’s beyond my understanding on why the 222 should kill tanks. or how that’s a problem.

their job is to deal with infantry.

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