Since i dont see a warthunder version how powerful is it gun? is it a Dicker 2.0?

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It’s shorter than Dicker Max’s gun, so by Enlisted and WT logic it must have a faster reload. Meaning, better HE “spammer”.


but it still cant pen jumbo right? since if i understand it right this is just Dicker 2.0

Looks like a nashorn chassis with a short gun. I guess it’s simply a short gun nashorn.

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If I recall correctly, dicker max has long 88mm gun, the same one king tiger has.
Wespe is a mobile artillery with 105mm howitzer.

Imo implementing it is simply stupid. It’s SPG, it’s not meant to fight on the front line shooting targets 100m away.
Though I guess rocket SPGs are in the game already so everything is possible in this matter, no matter how stupid.

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Nope, dicker max has a long 105mm gun.

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I guess I confused it with nashorn.

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Not really. There is gun that is shorter but have longer reload. For example, T-34 1940 has longer reload than T-34 1941.
The Stuh 42G in war Thunder is using basically the same gun as Wespe but it has same reload as Dicker Max.

It’s fascinating you put so much effort to counter argue an obvious joke.

Lol it only requires little effort to write this if you have the knowledge.

Okay, I still think it’s dishonest argumentation anyway. Since both examples are falsely used and you probably know it.

That’s why I thought the effort is fascinating. I guess you just like to argue.

It would be cool if artillery guns and SPGs could be located and destroyed with aircraft, preventing their use for X amount of time.

These mobile artillery units would be harder to track and destroy since they can move around.

What do you mean by falsely used?