Weird bug

At least you have a chance to capture 10 objectives in one mission.
Oh wait, you are deffending.

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so what?

Why do you think we’re interested in this?

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Why so hostile? You seem to be interested because you took your time to comment

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No, I mean we have site to report bugs; why wasting anyone’s time making this useless post ?

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He isn’t wasting anyones time. Nobody is forced to see the post if he doesn’t want to.

well, it pops up for me in the feed and is distracting…
and it’s against the regulation anyway; like you should now as a veteran.

Reporting bugs have no place in here anymore.

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@iso_seppo123 sry for being hostile.

I didn’t know you were that new to the game and how things works around here …

Here’s a site where you can report bugs and issues in the future. That will spare you and us a lot of time : )


You can always mute it.

In my eyes he is not really making a bug report but simply shares it because he thinks it’s interesting. The same way ppl share photos and other social activity stuff. And since it’s in the mess room, it’s perfectly fine.

No worries :slight_smile:
I am not that new but i made this post to show this interesting error not to report it. I think it looked kinda cool