where have my weapons gone what have they done to a good game

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you lost weapons?

my automatic weapons lost the levels and the campain

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lost my mp40 in german battles and my thompson and bren in usa battles and cant play as russians any more please put the game back

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Did you lose your M2 Carbine upgrades?

yes, you got weapons upgrades from levelling up but thats gone and even though I am a major its like back at the beginning

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They did the same thing to me. They moved the upgrades to a different squad. Check the 11th Infantry regiment (engineers) for the M2 upgrades because they didn’t want to change it.

thanks I will check, am looking for a machine gun squad but dont know witch is witch

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press the filter

thanks they make you fight with rifles against machine guns you have no hope

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the other side always has better weapons than us

another bad game too many auto weapons and a tank with nothing to stop it, I was killed every 30 seconds or less

another crap game too many auto weapons killed every 30 secs again

they won cause they had the high ground and we rifles against automatic weapons and why havn’t they fixed the ghost problem the games going bad

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another bad map too many auto weapons spawn points too far away and cheaters its easy when you know how