Weapon Transferring Between Factions

I remembered how you used to be able to transfer weapons across different fronts (within the same factions) and was wondering if there was a mod available for Xbox or at least a glitch that allows you to do this now, but by transferring weapons across factions.

Recently I have been trying to play Enlisted with somewhat historically accurate squads and weaponry focused on the Pacific War and I wanted to do some stuff with the Dutch East Indies. From what I can tell, the Dutch mainly used a variant of the Mannlicher M1985 and this is what I want to use, requiring me to transfer it from the Germans to the Allies.

I understand that transferring weapons across factions wouldn’t be a game mechanic because of balancing issues but I was wondering if there was a glitch that allowed this.

Mods forum here means the mod editor available for windows x64
Custom mods made with it can be uploaded to the sandbox website sandbox.enlisted.net
Custom mods have endless possibilities except that it cannot affect anything on your player stats, including but not limited to weapons you have and silver/xp you possess

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Mods are not alterations of the main game’s attributes, they are more like custom mini-games.

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