Weapon addition for the Europe Axis

Merge expanded the ammount of weapons the Axis can pack into their folder, despite their small union by common enemy, they had a lots of weapons available even cross country:

Kampfpistole GL(Gold order)
Mauser M712(Gold Order)

Beretta MAB 38A 50rnd(T2)
KP-31 quad stack mag(T2)
KP-31 Drum(T3)
KP m/44 36rnd mag(T1)
SIG MKMO (9x25mm Mauser) 40rnd (T2)

VG45K(T1 meme gun)
VG 1(T1)

GrB39 with Grosse PzGr 61(T2)
Panzerfaust 30 Klein(T2)
Solothurm S100(T2)
RPzB 54/1(T3)
Panzerfaust 250(T3)

GPMG with 100rnd belt fed pls?

Bayonet for guns that missing them(specially Berlin guns)
Finnish Fedorov Automat
GrB39 HE(GO)
Usable Rifle barrel for M30 Drilling
StG 44 Vampir(event?)
Thanks to the guy below:
KP31 drum with Flamethrower(GO)


Already premium squad in Stalingrad.

$talingrad will no longer exist, and yet AS44 exist as premium squad, you can still get them as normal unlock, which is better than the premium one lmao

Not really, this squad isn’t planned for discontinuation.

Nor the AS44

Okay, I guess we’ll see drum KP with bipods or bayonet then :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

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Flamethrower for the funni, except they exist and used in combat

probably bipod


Ive wanted the Suomi jagers for a bit too, Would love a version in tech tree so I can make a Finnish Squad with my LS-26 lol


They could release it wirh battle of Caucasus minicampaign. I would love to see some mountains/hill maps.
They could even do map based on battle of refuge 11. Would be so cool.
And they could add more land leased stuff for soviets with it.


Sooo much good stuff to touch on. Hope game can get to it.

Godspeed merge!

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What?! Source?