We need new map,more!

Enlisted is very boring for me now
I‘m looking forward to every quarter’s content, but with it comes disappointment
Various in-game optimizations, dx12,dlss,fsr…blabla
we need new map,New weapons, new fighter, new tanks

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New map was literally teased yesterday and it’s going to be released in upcoming 14 days.


I disagree. New content is cool but fixing various bugs and problems is much more important.
I dont mind if they add new content but i hope it isnt their number 1 priority.

How do you know it will come in 14 days? Just curious

It was stated we’ll get preordered stuff in next 14 days.

Edit: Nevermind, I shouldn’t be speedrunning reading

you can always play mods if you are bored.

or… customs.
despite it’s issue, if you are looking for quick matches on other theaters, you can do that.

or even getting into modding your self.

you can create all sort of custom content that you want.


Where was the map teased? Would you mind linking it to me if possible please and thank you :grinning:

I agree. The cosmetic bugs and behavioral bugs should be corrected before more content is added.

cough please correct the oak-leaf smock for axis cough :sweat_smile:

He means Pre-order: Radio operators of Rzhev topic which Rzhev was mentioned and Helpers confirmed that Rzhev will be the next map pack(Hope its not a single map) indeed

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Thank you!

Completely wrong.

We need balanced games.

as much as new maps would be cool. there is stuff I would like much more

  • More MM queues
  • Better and More Customisation for Soldiers and vehicles
  • Choice of Solider Nationaility
  • Loadout mechanics for vehicles
  • Invasion balance tweaks
  • Larger Player areas plus More players/bots
  • Improved Squad Preset management
  • Better Faction Inventory
  • Continued Improvement of AI

A single map the size of moscow would be good though