We need more squad slots post merge/separate slots for premiums

There is such a wealth of unique guns and vehicles in the game, it is a real shame that even with a loadout at each BR, I cannot fit all the squads I want to run in a 10 squad setup.

Pre-merge, I had my main lineup of F2P squads and 1-2 premiums per campaign; sometimes a premium would replace a neat F2P squad, but it was okay because I could still experience their weapon in another campaign → For example I ran the Stg45M squad in Berlin & didn’t run a F2P Assaulter squad because I could run the Stg44 F2P squad in Normandy and experience both weapons.

Now that everything is in one faction, I am facing an issue where I have so many premiums at certain BRs that my options are to either not run any F2P squads or not use certain Premiums. I want to run the Stg, but I also want to run the Stg45M. I have a ton of gold order weapons that are all BR5, so I have to bring F2P squads if I want to ever use them. I want to use the MG15 but then where do I fit in my MG42e and MG45 squads? What about the Kiraly premium or F2P?

Just looking at Germany, they have the following BR5 Premium Squads (letter indicates old campaign):

  • Stg45m (B)
  • Kiraly (N)
  • Lanciafiamme Mod.35 (T)
  • Kreighoff FG (N)
  • Suomi KP (S)
  • Gerat 03 (B)
  • FW190 D-9 (N)
  • BF109 G-14 (B)

That is 8 squads that can only be used if running BR5. And there are even more at Tier IV which are strong contenders (such as the two aforementioned MGs). Where do I put these in my lineup if I also want to play with the neat F2P gear? Are my only options to sacrifice one of the other?


  1. Let us buy additional slots to our hearts’ content
  2. Give premium squads their own slot and let us select if they are active or not (so we can make lineups for different BRs) → Now that BRs are a thing this feels less P2W than previously since they will get matched against similar gear
  3. Switch to a ±1 system so there is a reason to run a lineup at every BR. With the current system the only tiers worth building are BR2, BR5 (I like BR3 too but the BR3 vs BR5 matchup is not very fun). If I want to take my MG42e (BR4) then it should be included in my BR5 lineup because running all BR4 gear is a guaranteed uptier.
  4. Add a randomize premiums feature that allows players to check a box beside certain premiums. When checked, the squad will be swapped for a random, same BR premiums in your squad inventory. Lets us use all our squads with the bonus surprise randomness that can be fun (tho this is probs a lot more work than the above).

Edit: forgot to mention the event squads which make it even harder to fit everything I want to play with! There is too much cool stuff for only 10 slots!


Now imagine a free to play player having access to only 4 slots, its horrible, especially to grind squad upgrades.

There should at least be 2 slots buyable with silver, just like in the other Gaijin game.

One slot only designated for premium squads was promised from the devs, Its either still in development or was dropped.



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Completely agree. F2P players should be able to buy a couple slots for silver (heck let them buy up to 8 with silver), and additional for gold (WITHOUT requiring a premium account).