Votes to kick

They should fix this problem with voting to quit, in the case of showing who is putting it to quit (for cases of spam without reasons) and for only those who have negative points, I saw the case of a player repairing my tank and fixing it to farm points In the battle, they called him a hacker and even though I defended that what he was doing was legitimate, I was removed from the match during a vote (I had destroyed around 5 tanks and no deaths without injuring any ally), apparently what was it for? being good for the community, the players themselves managed to make it worse.


Yesterday one guy have flew the attacker plane for the whole round… and ended with only 1 kill.

We all tried the best, but without the help of attacker plane - we lost.

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Sometimes you miss your bombs :man_shrugging:

And also a tank or plane is only as good as it’s infantry. If the infantry can’t defend the point then you lose, so if anything it’s more their fault

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dam those are some really stupid player ngl tbh if i was there i wouldnt really care what people do

also why is this in faction thing instead of suggestion or mess room

i think that some rando that dont know how to fly and support infantry shouldnt be in an aircraft sometime it the people but from my experience it mostly the aircraft that are pilot by hogger