Vehicle Discussion(German and its Ally neighbors)

Since Merge is close, or supposed to be

There is something need to adjust before and after the big changes:

-BF110 G2 BK 3.7 need to be able to kill tanks, current stage seems to do no damage at all to even a Stuart

-Removal of Pz IV J, I don’t know why it even need to exist in this game to begin, there is F2, G, H variant of Panzer IV with little to no diffence

-Keep Pz IV J but as a sidegrade of Pz IV H

-Vehicle loadout for all vehicle

-More Tank Destroyer and Assault Gun to fill the gap

-Unlockable SPAA would be good addition in this game

-Mechanized unit, range from bikes to Halftracks, and armored carrier

-Panzerblitz and R4M, since the nerf for rockets happened, Axis can have actual AT rockets than more Wr.Gr.21, specially against their counterpart

-Working machinegunner for tanks/land vehicle


I don’t understand the meaning of this.

Mean you can set how much and what ammo you carry to the battle

If they add custom loadouts (choose ammo belts), this would be a universal fix for all planes, not just the BF110

For tank collectors like myself. Ira funny you mentioned G tho, since this tank will be removed instead of J, lmao.

I do have like 3 Pz. IV J at least. I love them all. They’re my kiddos.
I am emotionally attached to every single Pz IV I own. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Halftracks and SPAA would be such a sweet addition, hence why I don’t believe it will ever happen

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G still use a electric turret + extra armor on E chasis

J is the degrade of H variant with hand crank turret which comes after every other Pz IV variant due late war issues, pointless in this game

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You mean the anti tank autocannon doesn’t even comes with AP round currently? That’s funny

Im a bit hazy now of what it is, one of these alpha testers has posted before. Its ether 1 for 1 AP/HE or something.

In either case I dont think its the optimal belt for tank busting. more multipurpose. @EdVanSchleck can correct me, he was probably the poster.

Personally I prefer to go all in HE or all in AP

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That’s exactly why J is unique more unique unlike the other variants. Its the only one wirh long barrel which slow traverse speed because of HA lore.

The Panzer IV J won’t be to be removed so quickly, unless they can use the StuG IV as a substitute.

The Jagdpanther shouldn’t be in the Normandy campaign, even when it has been used frequently in 1944 against American armor. It’s 88mm gun is too OP for American guns, unless the Americans would get the M36 GMC, which only came out in December 1944.

Sorry, you can use Tiger II H in Moscow in the test server currently…

Becausw there’s no BR implemented in test server.

I’m profoundly disappointed they are going to remove the G. It was one of the vehicles I was looking forward to getting after the merge. It’s the only mark IV with smoke mortars.

Of course, I do HOPE them fix that, but first impressions still bad

I dont want my two J2 plus premiums removed. I want to keep them.

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They shouldn’t remove any tank. just add more tanks, like in war thunder. add all the tanks in war thunder

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I don’t think it was me, or at least I really don’t remember.

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Tankettes could be cool too