USSR BR5 the absolute worst balance ever

I’ve lost already 15-20 games in a row while playing with USSR. In almost every single game i’m the top 1 player in the team. Something is seriously wrong with the gameplay. In every single game that i’ve played i have to do absolutely everything to even make the game a little bit balanced.

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Too much baboons. You get a squad, or you might as well not bother or take it easy.

Shame because, unlike US right now, its pleasant to play. Player base issue. Not too much to be done.


USSR isn’t popular at the moment, but no win at all is just your bad luck.

crossplay off is trash. it is full of bots so teams are imbalanced.

e.g. your games
last game your team had 3 humans vs 5 humans in enemy team
match before that 7 vs 9
match before that 8 vs 10
match before that 10 vs 10
match before that 7 vs 10
human players usually perform better than bots (there are exceptions to that rule), so you are at disadvantage in most of your matches just by number of human players.

btw add to that players deserting and you have even worse ratio of players.

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Maybe we should start mass reporting deserters with “unsportmanlike behavior” or whatever so they can get what they deserve

maybe devs should first fix problems that make people desert?


You desert because “waaahhh it’s Conquest” or Train or whatever. Screwing the rest of your team in the process cause you don’t have the pair to suck it up and sit through a 10 minute match of a gamemode “you don’t like”
That or your team isn’t performing good enough to carry you to victory so you leave them to rot
Sorry, I have no mercy nor compassion for the filth that abandon their teams because “they feel like it” or whatever. Don’t like the game? Don’t play it. Stop taking up a valuable team slot you literal definition of a waste of space

Strong words, if i dispise a map, i wont play it. What is it with certain players who only live to be toxic, wants the game with nerfs and punishments abounds, when that happens, all that will be left are players like unclaimedone, screaming at everyone for trying to enjoy the game. Fix the game mode first before you start throwing around “punishments”.

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omg i am screwing my team… what about all the times when my team is screwing me? no rally points, camping, snipping etc. when i need to single-handedly carry my team with rally points, flanking enemy rally points and attacking/defending capture points

games are meant to be fun, so at least if i have shit team i want to carry them on modes that i find fun.

you are mental if this is your belief. is this job? is this war? or is this game where you are meant to have fun? explain to me why should anyone stay in unfun match? exactly what obligations do i have to shit players that i have never seen nor i can communicate with?


Proof you know nothing of what you’re talking bout right dang there

Look if you wanna be a pos who can’t stick out a match, that’s your prerogative. There’s those of us who will think you’re scum for it, and that’s our prerogative

you need different priorities in life if you think that people should subjugate themselves for others pleasure. do you know what burnout is? do you know how it happens? games are meant to be pleasure, not a chore. people dont want to have second job that is not paying anything just for others to have fun while they feel shit.

talk to somebody who cares about opinion of some random on internet.

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The game IS fun if you let yourself enjoy it

everyone enjoys game differently. some people cosplay zaitsev, some enjoy tanks, some planes etc.
i would enjoy this game a lot more with competent teams, but i dont impose my definition of fun on other people. if people want to play like shit, then that is their prerogative, but i am not obligated to stay inside those kind of matches cause it ruins my fun. i have limited amount of time to play games in a day and i want that time to be spent in fun, otherwise i will get sick of that game and just switch to other game.

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And I’m not obligated to respect your desertion

like i said i dont care. majority of players desert, so there are obviously problems in the game.

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there is no problem with playerbase. this is casual game, not a job.

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Then we are in disagreement. This argument will go nowhere fast. Have a good day

Wise man! Lest it turn into those other fiascos.

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