US Independence Day discounts

Independence Day is a widely popular and one of the most important federal holidays in the United States. On this day, when most citizens are relaxing with family and friends, stores hold big sales. We’ve also prepared discounts for you.

Discounts are available from July 4th to July 8th (13:00 UTC).


30% discount on the following premium squads for Gold:

  • 37th Tank Battalion with the M4A3E2 Jumbo heavy tank

  • 19th Fighter Squadron with the FP-5 fighter aircraft

  • 68th Armor Regiment with the M24 light tank

  • 65th Engineer Battalion with Winchester G30M

  • 99th Fighter Squadron with P-51C-10

  • 147th Infantry Regiment with M55 Reising


30% discount on selected premium squads for the USA in the Gaijin.Net store.

Don’t miss out!



dam lvt 4 didnt get a sale but that fine i will probably go for the firefly


What about summer sale?


Will there be an event for German unification day?


See ya Next year - Dark flow

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The Chaffee is a beauty, and quite good.

Joe recommend.


I bought it during the last sales, along Pz III M (these are my first and only premium squads). Both are good but the panzer proved for me to be better than the american light Tank.

I was kinda disapointed by Chaffee’s gun. The reload is not that fast (compared to other allied 75) and the gun feels lackluster against tank due to no HE filler.

It s definitly a good tank and I dont regret buying it, but it is more or less a sidegrade to the Crusader imo.

Chaff got it’s perks :slight_smile:

Compared to Crusader it:

  • dings a bit more shots (lot more, Crusader is paper thin) the armour is confusing to aim at with low caliber tanks, for some players.

  • has better anti infantry ability (bigger gun, better HE)

  • IF the shot pens, it booms the enemy tank

  • it’s FAST! So fast, sooo nimble…

  • I THINK it got one more crewman? Got to verify this… (edit: it got FIVE men total)

  • (bonus) is old H&G meta light tank and nostalgia inducing.

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Next time put a sale on soldiers and weapons as well, every bit of silver saved helps for the poor souls grinding post merge

Damn, nothing I’d want. Maybe the better stuff is in the summer sale.

At least they could bring old US Units back to the store for independence day. For example lor BR Paratroopers, i would definitley buy them.

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I need summer sale.

Hello! I’m a new player from Argentina and play on Xbox. Whenever I try to purchase something by clicking in the game, it redirects me to the xbox store and everything shows as unavailable.
Happens with gold, infantry squads, vehicle squads and all the content in the Enlisted store.
Any solution?

Console sales can only be through the Console Stores AFAIK.

help yourselves , the game cares the soviet nation won

Presumably that is why the Soviet Union remains a world superpower…:face_with_monocle::thinking: