US gets short barrel 75 T1 and long barrel at T2,where is this supposed balance?

You get the M8 Scott at T1 which has a 75 which can destroy low teir tanks with ease, and then the M1 grant at teir 2 with the long 75,destorying everything it touches, and what do the Germans and Japanese have to counter this? Nothing, they get no long 75s at teir 1 or 2,the Japanese get the 75 at a teir where they don’t do much in tank VS tank combat because they are dead from a single shot. The only 75s in teir 2 are for the Germans, who only get the short 75 cannon. I played a BR2 match and some BR3 player joined and got into a Sherman and it took over half the match to kill him, and you can’t even front pen it, I had to drive around it and lose all but 2 of my crew to kill him, becoming a jumbo at teir 2.

TBH, at German T2 you get long 50 which are pretty good at AT, but suffer with worse HE than 75.
So it’s a choice between good AP performance of long 50 or good HE performance of short 75.
Also, it’s a common complaint where tanks have hard time with vehicles BR higher, you can bet that if Sherman’s player had worse luck it would be him getting bitchslapped by Tigers from BR5.

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Br-1 BR-2 is quite good Tank wise IMO. Everything has a “reasonable” chance. (t-50 and grant perhaps being the hardest nuts to crack)

Only thing stopping me from taking out the Panzer II and flakpanzer for good times is the presence of BR-3 in every game.

If the 20mm armed tanks were given their “good” ammo, it would be much closer.


If its the same PZ3J moscow had it doesnt have APHE so its actually quite shit tank regarding
tank v tank combat.

which shouldnt happen at all in first place.


Our 75’s are arguably the worst in the war in terms of AT capability. Absolutely fantastic HE, but the AP compared to everyone else is just subpar

I assume your referring to pz4 short’s.
Sure they are shit, but has capability to 1hit kill when you hit the sweetspot.
With pz3J your going to just snipe tankers one by one assuming it even penetrates half of the time.

Low tier Sherman ammo placement is awful. Take advantage of that

will be helpful info againts t-50 BR2 or t-34 at BR3

Look dude, part of the problem of American vehicle placement is the fact that we hardly used anything over than 5-6 variations of the same dang medium tank. We got the M3 Lee that we sold the British while the Sherman was being designed, Shermans, a light tank, couple of nearly unarmored TD’s, and some heavies in the dead end of the war. That’s it. So if we want low BR tanks, it’s gonna be the M3 Lee and the Shermans. There’s next to nothing else to use, unless you wanna fight 3” AT guns with APCBC instead


i just came out of a match with using the ho-ni for the first time and it’s pretty good td and fire support vehicle; though the germans don’t get a long 75 (for good reason since those have similar performance to the 76 of the shermans) they get the long 50 which has 102 point blank pen compared to 84 of the grant not to mention the long 50 has APHE making great for knocking out allied tanks

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Pz3J is T1 (and has normal 50), I was talking about Pz3J1 and Puma (with long 50), which do have APHE.

Both has APC, and if thats supposed to be APHE it does pretty shitty job as one.

Checked ER and true, it has APC, my bad. But while playing I didn’t have problem with killing enemy tanks, two shot at worst, enough time to reload for follow up. If it can be penned, it will die. Tank combat in Enlisted at matching BR is mostly who accurately shoots first anyway.

sure as long as you are fighting against tincans that can be penned anywhere.
Once u fight the sherman,t-50,t34 which has only few spots frontally where u can pen it the lack of aphe makes sure u wont get the kill, you only kill 1 or 2 cre members at the most.

Dont recall history ever being problem in enlisted.
So F2 wouldnt harm.

Or 88 as at gun, works both ways.


APC with filler also known as APHEC

Technically, Sherman and 34 are at T3, so in a perfect world you wouldn’t fight them. J1’s BR adversaries (T-50, T-26’s, Grant and Crusader) are not hard to defeat if you know what to do.
T-50 I saw once and won since merge, otherwise I had pleasure of taking them from the side, you go for turret first.
People prefer to take 26’s, which get 2/3 of crew wiped from driver port shot, let them reseat and repeat.
I oneshot Crusader the first time I saw it, centre mass to the hull.
Grant, again, around driver port and half of the crew dead, though better to get them from the sides as both cannons are quite nasty, and you can take out only one.

They didn’t even pay you, it was lend-leased.
Most countries were too bankrupt to repay such enormous debts so US either didn’t expect them to repay at all or let them off with significant “discount”.

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exactly, which has been asked quadrublethrilliontenhundred times and cant be highlighted enough.
separate br1-2 entirely and dont let them fight above nor let br3 to go br2.

only places you can pen t-50 frontally will not result to one hit kill due to lack of aphe.


True, but if you penned them already, and you kept aim, you won. You can spam into that place, and they can’t do anything, until they run out of crew or cook-off.

Or they can reverse to safety since not much you can do.
Or they can ram you to river if such happens to be close by, done this few times.