US Armed Forces Day

wait for next one


i would hope for more paratroopers for japan but at this point i’ll take literally anything

oh, wait, while i have your attention…



Thanks for having the event on an alternate day than the other events, i actually like that

I love these weapon events. Thanks to them, I can do things like this:

Calliope crew status: Thompsonized :zap:
Now I will proceed to fully equip them with Colt Swartz.


It will be a small event, not a big one…


Probably engraved type 14 and maybe profile pic

Why stop? The more the better

Three events at once. Peak Enlisted experience


just wanted to plant the idea in your head for later :3

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you do realize that the “japanese” tiger 1 never made it to japan and was quickly returned back to german hands? now japan did get some panzer 3s and 4s for testing as well as 109s so those can be useful at lower brs.


oh also will there be a fix for the AI prefering the auto colt over their rifles?


Still better than the wooden tank.


Is the Colt fixed, btw? (Your AI switch to it instead of using its primary weapon)


Unless you want more Fantasy Tanks for Japan , then Tiger 1 is the best bet yeah there is Chi-ri but should I say this its not worthy of BR 5 , Then again if you want more fantasy stuff there were tons of Ho-ri sketches that can be used also there is O-I but with 11 man I would just use it as mobile troops other than that there is Heavy tank NO.4 which it seems that the turret was built (debatable )
It was meant to be mounted on Chi-ri chassis but again Chi-ri production itself wasn’t doing well(It has I think 14 cm cannon)

So, having gotten my hands on David Lister’s book, I can now effectively catalogue all of the (Known) Japanese Heavies that were built. Using his book i’ve counted 12 seperate designs:

Type 91

Type 94 (Ro-Go)

Experimental II

Type 96 (AI-96)

Mitsu-97(Type 97)

Ishi 108

Mitsu 104

Showa 10

Unknown 54-ton design (10CM gun)


Type 4

“Medeltung Stridsvagn” (unknown heavy from swedish reports)

These are all the heavy(Known) tanks for Japan but most are unknown no pictures just a brief description

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Experimental 2 sound metal to me ngl (only the emperor know what it look like i guess)

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Can we please have some returning events for vehicles, like the Flakpanzer?

Not everybody got the time to unlock all of them, I missed it and I get the sad hampter vibe thinking of never being able to get it again


Like I said even though they are known to have been built to some degree some of them even don’t have pictures Japan was secretive country they even drowned I think the 2 Chi-to tanks that were build so Americans couldn’t get them and also most likely half of these tanks were cannibalised for resource like O-I since they needed materials and Japan didn’t have the capabilities to sustain heavy tanks as Germany and Soviets


yea i know that which is why i dont really have much hope for japan historical heavy tank tbh

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