US Ally weapon suggestion

The merge looks bleak, the economy is abysmal, but well, if people can buy new weapons in post merge with that hyperinflated economy, here is my suggestion:


As much as I hate another tommy, yes, there is an definitive tommy

The M1921/28 with 50rnd, 800~900 rpm, without the dogshite ring sight

Lanchester 50rnd with bayonet

The M1897 trench gun with bayonet

Sniper III
M2/M3 carbine

I would suggest the T20 but is a gold order so welp guess no

The M18 recoiless rifle

The US really need a lategame AT launcher…
M20 Super Bazooka, is a post war weapon though


Nice suggestions, a few things to add

For pistols, we could add the Colt M1903

The Lewis gun, UD M42,and Winchester 95 are missing in the tech tree even though they should be there.

Yes, Ithaca 37 Stevens, and M1887 would be sweet too. Even though shotguns kinda suck.

I think this should be a gold order weapon since the M3 was very uncommon in WW2 and wasn’t very effective. We’re still missing the Winchester Model 70 though, even though it was used in the pacific.


Remington Model 8 perhaps, but I don’t think it was used in combat.

Could also add the M20 recoilless

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Saw less service in WW2 than the 1912, and the 1912 is it but better in every way so why bother

They added the T20E1, so they could always add the T20E2 as a campaign weapon. They have done something similar with the AS 44 before, and the T20E2 was the one slated to be used in Operation Downfall.

Funnily enough, production started on the M20 super bazooka in 1944, so post merge it meets the devs “if it existed we can add it” benchmark for the war.


The M1912 has trench configuration? I though they were more Police Riot shotgun than anything

And yeah the T20 can be something, since AS 44 for normal unlock exist

Not sure about the M20 Super Bazooka, that thing is massive though

Those are some nice weapon suggestions. I always thought too, that america lacked some good weapons late game (especially in the MG field tbh). One gun that I thought would have been pretty cool to see is the M2 Stinger. Granted only 3 were ever made in the Pacific theater, they were monsters to fight against, with 1200 RPM. It’s literally parts from a BAR, M1 Garand, and an aircraft M2 Browning fused into one.

I can’t post an image because the embed photos don’t work.

Stinger exist in this game but… I don’t think you will like it at all

wouldn’t making lanchester 50round available to everyone make the event version useless? like why would you use the one without bayonet? oh as a gold weapon then yea it fine


This gun was in one of the events с:


You can legit get better unlock from Pacific Axis than any of its event and gold order weapon… or the US M2A1 vs M2 from normal progression

Since pretty much everyone else has an Assault Rifle, I wouldn’t mind seeing a US equivalent. Maybe the M1944 Hyde Light Rifle? Its basically an AR based off an upscaled thompson, shoots .30 carbine ammo, select fire, and has 30 rounds in a magazine.

Granted, I’m not sure what Japan would have to counter this after the Merge.

I want the recoilless so badly man. Give me some Battle of the Bulge content dang it

Aight that thing’s cool, and I’m all for more things chambered in .30 Carbine


Trench gun M1912. it can even take a bayonet.

As for the M20, it’s a little less than half the weight of the Ofenrhor, so :man_shrugging:

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Yea but wasn’t your comment about the US? If it jap then yea I know their GO are quite bad compare to progression weapon

Ngl that look pretty modern for a 1944 gun

Interesting I haven’t seen it unless I misremembering which might be the case

It looks more blocky too I like it ngl

The US GO weapon is also bad, and funny they made the T20 a GO

the model lanchester is the only one i consider good even tho it firerate drain ammo but that my opinion and yea im gonna buy t20 cause it automatic and that it

I would like to see the Remington Model 31 be added to the game as either Tech Tree weapon or a Gold Order Weapon. I do like me a good boomstick.