Uralmash tank

i think should be a tank could put a good fight against tiger 2 H , panthers in distance , uralmash this tank is a tank destroyer have good weapon and armor better than su 85

I’d like to suggest SU-101 which is a self-propelled gun developed in 1944.

In 1944, Uralmashzavod began to work on new SPG. Previous SPGs like SU-100 or ISU-152 mounted their gun in the front of the hull, which increased the overall dimensions of the vehicle, also impaired their maneuverability. Later they consider to place the gun in the back of the hull base on the T-44 chassis. There are two weapon options. One with a D-10S 100mm gun called SU-101, another with a D-25-44S 122mm gun called SU-102. The engine was placed in the front of the right side, right beside the driver. The gunner and the commander were placed in the back of the left side, and the loader was in the right side. During the tests, the SU-101 showed a fairly high performance. On the highway, it accelerated to 50-54 km/h, on the ground to 25 km/h. Fuel enough for the march length 350 km. It could climb the 35-degree slope and move with roll to 25°. The 2.5m ditch and the 0.73m high ditch were overcome. The working condition of the crew was not good. The driver’s workplace was always too hot, and even worse when firing due to the shock wave acting on the roof. For that (and other reasons, like the progress of T-54), SU-101 stop devoloping after the war. Only one was built.

Crew: 4
Overall Weight: 31.4 tonnes

Length×Width×Height: 6.1m×3m×2.1m
Ground Clearance: 400mm
Armor: upper hull front: 90mm with 63°
lower hull front: 90mm with 53°
upper upper hull front: 120mm with 55°
lower hull side: 75mm vertical
middle hull side: 45mm with 60°
upper hull side: 90mm with 45°
hull rear: 40mm with 7°
lower roof: 15mm horizontal
upper roof: 20mm horizontal
hull floor: 15mm horizontal
hull floor side: 15mm with 60°
hull floor rear: 20mm with 60°
Weapon: 100mm D-10S with 35 rounds×1, 12.7mm DShK with 450 rounds×1, 7.62mm DT×1
Engine: 500hp V-2-34 V12 diesel engine
Endurance: 350km on highway
Maximum Speed: 54km/h on highway, 25 km/h on field
Horizontal Gun Targeting Angle: 22°
Gun Elevation: +18°
Gun Depression: -2°15’