'Upgradable Assault Rifles'?

I have a bit of a problem in understanding the meaning of this term when it comes to the assault engineers. 1. Will it mean that they will come with a base AR already present in-game which we can replace for another AR? For instance the Soviet assault engineers will come with the Fedorov Avtomat which can be replaced with the AS-44? 2. Or does it mean that they will come with an exotic AR which we can replace with another AR already present in-game? For instance the Soviets will get the AT-44 and it can be replaced with the AS-44? The latter makes sense for some factions like the Americans and the Japanese who do not have any AR in their respective tech tree which they can ‘upgrade.’ I will personally like to see some exotic ARs for all the factions since I am sure this will be a super grindy event to begin with.

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It means normal weapons from the tech tree that you can upgrade, in this case AR’s, so they don’t come with their own premium/event weapon.


I see. Will this mean the Americans and the Japanese will get their own version of ARs in their respective tech trees?

IF they have their AR since if there is no AR i guess we be using SMG instead

just a guess

That feels lame. They could have easily given some exotic AR to both these factions in terms of an event squad. Just make sure that it is only playable in BRs 4 and 5.

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yea but what would be their AR? like i guess that hyde rifle kinda look AR like as for jap that a really hard thing to give them

unless we are going cod vanguard style and give them stg we can only wait and see tbh

Yep. I would not mind that for a super grindy event to be honest. Plus ever since the AS-44 and the RD-44 were introduced to the game nothing seems impossible. Japan will definitely need a lot of good weapons if they have to eventually compete with US in BRs 4 and 5.

personally i dont mind “magic weapon” appear in place they shouldnt be but i do understand why people hate that anyway i think that hei automatic is a good candidate for “jap AR” even tho people said it more LMG than AR

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Yeah. Plus it does not hurt game balance at all. Since new players in BRs 1 and 2 will never face those veterans who are using these assault engineers at BRs 4 and 5.

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yea br4 and br5 is gonna be super sweaty anyway so 1 assault engineer squad doesnt change much imo

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Yep. Plus if I need to grind say 30,000 points for three days (assuming we all have limited time to play on a daily basis) I would like to get a unique weapon rather than something already present in-game.

Is a special enginer squad who can equip AR, japanese and US should get their AR too


Yeah. My point exactly. The fantasy land argument does not hold much water. Since 1. We are talking about high BR. 2. We have a precedent in the AS-44.


yea im quite excited on what US and jap gonna get tbh

Yeah. I hope they live up to the concept of ‘assault engineers’ and not give them a SMG instead.

Imo t20 garand and full auto type hei

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Yep. The Cooper Carbine would be a much cooler unlock for the US if you ask me.

sound good to me tbh

I think they implied as much, but at this time we can’t be sure. They did say that Germany/Soviets (who do have ARs) would get the first event squads (with Stalingrad owners getting them automatically), which would be a long event. They said other factions would get equivalent squads and events at a later date.

So how will the formation looks like? will it be 6 engineer or 4 engineer 2at?