Updated Rendinst list

@Enginya Could we please get an updated Rendinst list in the editor? Ardennes assets are missing from the list.

Also adding back unused/leftover content to said list would be nice too.



speaking of said content,

would be really great to get some of the:


( since it’s good as dead and no stuff was made since 2017 https://gaijinent.com/news/183 )

as well as Crsed animations ( and crsed assets integrated to enlisted while we are at it https://forum.enlisted.net/en/t/let-modders-use-and-download-assets-from-crsed-game-to-enlisted-mods-and-how-to-potentially-improve-it/124235 ) that used to be in the game at one point would be excellent.

While trying to make custom levels, i figured out in theory, CRSED maps should be fully compatible with enlisted. The assets are almost the same, only the terrain textures (landclasses) need to be ported.

and crsed assets

I don’t know how compatible different Dagor Engine versions are; An asset made a few years ago may not work in the current version. Great example is the removed tunisia hangar map, where trees are deformed when trying to load into current enlisted version.


It’s 7 years old, i wouldn’t count on it. It looks like an early prototype that was modded to be an april fools game.

does it work for the moment?

or … all maps have this landclasses?.

i don’t think that’s the case with enlisted.

we do have annie & clyde champions ( lots of assets from crsed ) still.

so i don’t think the porting should be that difficult.

engines seems to be the same ones.

and they both get regularly updated.

perhaps legal issues, or maybe not, but more assets would always be welcomed.


In plans: add way to edit name of RI manually and generate list from available game assets. Will still need to figure out how to filter all unsupported RIs, but it’s planned.


or … all maps have this landclasses?.

So far, as i understand a custom level needs:

  • A heightmap, there is a seperate heightmap for playable area and for scenery/planes. You can edit this with the terraform tool similar to the editor’s terraform tool (its has more features but its still subpar)

  • A land texture, the terrain is generated based on several land textures that make up the terrain (how does one create one from scratch is still a mistery to me)

You can see there are seperate textures where forests, grassland should generate:

For example forest:

  • Just like in the editor you can place rendinst on the level and export it as level.bin, significantly reducing map size. This contains the data above.

  • Splines, roads, etc can also be created in the location editor with ease.


sure sounds like

to me.

but… let’s hope we will at least be able to convert them in some sort with a dedicated ( and updated ) skd sort of editor.

but… not getting good vibes from it ( of ever happening in a timely manner ).

but… not getting good vibes from it

It’s definetly not newbie friendly. It took me hours of trial and error to load custom heightmaps into Enlisted, as it has very little documentation.


How about importing map and assets from CRSED?

Thats also up to the devs.