Update? Where are the news?

all the bp tanks that are new or havent been used. There seems to be no german/italian bp tanks during this season


Depends, there was pictures for previous events such as the one with the Breda PG carcano.

The japanese APC might be premium (it has a strangely different picture similar to the Soviet/german premium apc) but I think the other two are event. I am just speculating though.

But you might be right.

I love the Bren carrier being crewed by… US soldiers


Ger and US maybe proggression, they look similar. I would be surprised though.

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Only the Jap one is premium.


It would be really sad. I have been dreaming of ho ha since the apcs were introduced and now it will be paywalled



I wasnt even surprised tbh. The ac1 premium squad is manned by US infantry soldiers instead of australian tankers

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at least some of these will appear in BP.
BP reset is tomorrow so it would make sense, anyway I expect some news on next BP session in an hour.

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I would want some news too. I still havent found any jap bp guns in the editor

Just an idea, but we might get squads locked behind the BP. They said they were going to change the format.

warthunder also has unique vehicles behind bp so it would make sense to be in enlisted. I wouldnt complain if they did so. I always complete the bp without any stress and without need for elite pass

maybe, but it would make sense to reuse old event squads for that.
There is literally nothing else they can do with them.


even better suggestion. Many players would be thankful if they got chance to get old stuff like silenced mp 40 and sten


Shameless self promotion here:
I already suggested, weeks ago that they should reuse old event squads along side many other quality of life improvements for BP.

These surely have already reached DF so they could have considered it.
Anyway even if we dont get voucher for old event squads now, we can keep lobbying since the demand would be high, I think.


Twitch drop pistols/vehicle skins too. Maybe the cheeky kick starter rifles too.

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doubt, since those are supposed to be unique for supporters, but I could be wrong.

The German and British one are clearly not promotional picture.
Those are just normal picture you get when receiving a squad.
For example:


They are meant to be unique but I’ve literally never seen or know anyone who owns them. Seems like a waste if no one has them.

Who wants to play the same gun for three years? Literally all the premium/event stuff gets boring. No wonder you don’t see them anywhere anymore.

But that’s no reason why the exclusivity should be taken away from them.

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look very smooth already like it but it seem like another pps variant tho