⭐ Update “Pacific War”

Finally, BA buff ruin Pacific campaign.
Bayonet Charge and Banzai are now useless.
With the excessively shortened TTK, soldiers have no opportunity to engage in melee.

It’s just sniping and sniping.

If you want the Pacific campaign to be worth, plz nerf BA.
Even if it is not a rollback, it is in a weaker form than it is now

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First and foremost:

  • MKb 42 in Moscow is ahistorical and disgusting. It was never, ever there. Moscow should be early war stuff.
  • Samurai masks (and most “decorators” in general) are ridiculous and disgusting.
    Like wtf kind of shit WW2 is this?

What on earth is this clown fest?

I literally got into Enlisted to escape from WW2 games like this.

Now as for the Pacific:

  • The first impression is GOOD. Nice. Fresh.
  • AA trucks (especially M3) spam is annoying AF.
  • American AA trucks can spawn camp Japanese tank deploy point at the first objective of the Tenaru River map.
  • Defenders seem to have easier time than attackers, everything is visible and shoots through well.
  • Ka-Chi is a fat swimming party bus without an MG, no splash damage on HE and unable to look out of the hatch.
  • One lacking part is audio: I don’t seem to hear my Japanese comrades saying anything, there are no bird sounds or mosquito sounds or the “jungle insects” chirping, just silence. (I still believe the game needs some tunes at the start and the end of matches to fit with the theater)

Also I just realized I’ve had music turned off for over a year.
Turned it back on, it’s still the same 2-3 songs on repeat, damn.

I don’t know if game music is so expensive but like when you launch the Pacific, would be cool to hear some Japanese tunes in the menu.


The good:
Optimisation is still on point
Maps look amazing and I wished Stalingrad was introduced with the same number of them. Multiple maps, not same map on diferent directions.
Weapons are amazing. Type 11 was way better than I wanted it to be. Perfect gun I m sold to that campaign just because of it.
Banzai charge is fun as hell and jap voice lines are 4000 times better to hear than Italian ones in Tunisia.
Maps look,feel and play wonderful.
Pre order pack was a nice investment and I m glad i bought it.

The meh:
No new map on stalingrad
Only 1 level of content everywhere.

The bad:
No bikes on other campaigns
No bombers on other campaigns
No apcs on other campaigns
No voice chat or general chat on game menu “hey dude wait a second I m gonna buy some tnt packs”/hey dude wanna join me next game?
Premium squads still lack 5th member as engineer (old ones)
Vg 1.5 is still an assault weapon only.

I m yet to notice a thunder or rain setting on pacific tho. And I m curious if I can have bomb runs on my radio man when I unlock them

I forgot to say thanks that you didnt use the Johnson MG as an “selective fire rifle” for troopers/ engineers.

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I just played like 5 matches and this is enough… One time US won, 4 times we just got spammed by aa guns and automatic tanks near spawn… The worst experience ever in this game. Tunisia is still the best (not for axis, learn to place rally points).

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Lmao, what? I just played 5 matches and 4 times allies were slaughtered by camping aa guns and tanks near spawn… Seriously, whats better in allied arment? Arisaka is very quiet, sounds almost silenced…

How custom mods mission using the replay and movie mode?

Finally, it’s here!

Great update and I even personally wanted the Pacific, thank you so much, the only question seems to be that Stalingrad will be completely free, or at least at a discount, and in the future, although it was quite fast, but there was also a somewhat interesting battle for the liberation of Italy, USA vs. Italy and Germany, and the Battle for the Liberation of Czechoslovakia and in that Czechoslovakia, the Americans and the Soviets would fight against the Germans and the Hungarians, but that’s just a piece of advice for the future, and I also miss the Czech-made German Tank Hetzer

Japanese starting -guns- specifically are decent (some are even better than what Americans get), but it’s also not what’s causing the USA losses. They don’t have as many players, that’s all. This will change over time and they may yet start dominating. I’d even say that such an eventuality is very likely.

Japanese AAA you complain about is actually awful, both gunner and commander are permanently exposed. You can kill them with anything from any direction. Americans don’t have that problem.

Arisakas… well, bolt action rifles are bolt action rifles. It’s very difficult to make them too different from each other, especially in a game that doesn’t go too deep into small details of weapon handling.

How about shielded bike squad for Tunisia?

it would make a very unique premium squad.

1^a Compagnia motociclisti - Italian Police armored motorcycle squad - English speaking section / Suggestions - Enlisted


Nice surprise.

The japs smg is terrible imo, the sniper is easily one of the worst yet, the basic BA’s they have are pretty slow and the Allies have that bug with the halftrack where it’s almost impossible to shoot the guy out of the AA turret. All this with me getting paired with bad players so I got fucked for 2 hours.

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hah, played some games just yesterday camping on the hills with my Tiger. Really enjoyed the “feast” and massacre while it lasted! Glad it was removed though.

I played on each map so far and with each side. This campaign is great, it is very, very cool. So far, I love everything about it. Great job.
Actually, the one thing that I do not like, and actually hate, is the super jump perc. Please, oh PLEASE remove this from the game.

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Bravo. Thanks so much!

The Type 97 is PTRS-41. Please change it.


Keo, we got some Historical problems here now.

1990’s Hesco Barriers were added to the Pacific, and still remains. could you send this to Developers?


Also, very important:
Fix Japanese voice lines


well Ive seen some guys making up ridiculous things though, I think customization might should remain.

Well I’m actually having good time making up more historical looks for my tanks
maybe some not, but those might could be solved by giving an option to see or not.