Thank you for participating in the Steel Fortress event! We congratulate all the winners and invite you to check the leaderboard in the game.

During the event, we faced some technical issues, but currently:

  • We have fixed possible errors when crediting prizes earned in the Steel fortress event.
  • Fixed leaderboard rendering after the event was closed.

Events of this kind will be conducted on a regular basis, so follow the news. And we await you on the battlefields!


Good “update”.

No fixing ladders of course, whom are broken since BP start. And literarily make some objectives uncapturable, or some power positions inaccessible. (4th bunker on Ruins of Vaux, moscow houses)

No silver orders

Just fixing up a useless and unfun event.

Next time do an event with tasks and make them HARD to get to the 1 procent.
This leaderboard is BS, and i am not the one to claim cheating, but there always is a possibility that the 1st place can be achieved unfairly.

Summer event and Fiery November is what you should be doing


Maybe they dont know the ladder are broken like they dont know tbe FW in normany was broken :thinking:


maybe No one in the development team plays this game, except keofox