• The number of rounds for submachine guns has been standardized. For submachine guns with a caliber of 7.62 mm to 9 mm cartridges, at least 140 rounds are issued (the change mainly increases the ammunition of Axis guns), and for the larger caliber the ammunition reserve remains at 120 rounds.
  • The horizontal recoil of the Thompson submachine gun has been slightly increased.
  • The horizontal recoil of Axis submachine guns has been reduced.
  • Accuracy of sniper weapons and bolt-action sniper rifles has been increased.
  • Rate of fire of semi-automatic rifles and carbines reduced to 200-250 rpm.
  • Visual recoil (animation) of submachine guns has been increased by 50% to better match the spread.


Introduced an additional restriction on experience bonuses in custom matches for battles with fewer than 10 participants:

  • No victory multiplier is applied.
  • No “heroes of the battle” are issued.
  • No application of experience boosters (in this case, the booster itself is not spent, and the bonus can be obtained in another battle).