Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)

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In this update we continue to grow mission variety for all our campaigns, including the new Invasion for the German side - counter attack from the Reichstag.

We have also worked on the lighting, and excluded excessively dark versions of missions, especially on the Berlin map, or have added some extra light sources there.

Combat interface and navigation in the Lone Fighters mode has been improved, and capture points are now marked with smoke signals!

You can now also select the narrator language in the battle and enjoy many fixes and improvements for features you asked us. Let’s take a look:


Missions and Locations

  • Added a new mission “Moat (Invasion)” in the Battle for Berlin.
  • Added alternative assault paths in the “Vysokovo village (Invasion)” mission in the Battle of Moscow.
  • Added alternative point “Saw Mill” in the “The Maisky Forestry (Invasion)” mission in the Battle of Moscow.
  • Added alternative assault paths in missions “Ver-sur-Mer (Invasion)” and “Ruins of Vaux (Invasion)” in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Added alternative assault paths in missions “Königsplatz (Invasion)” and “Ministry Garden (Invasion)” in the Battle for Berlin campaign.
  • Added additional light sources in dark interiors in the Battle for Berlin campaign.
  • Excluded excessively dark mission daytime versions for “The Kroll Opera House (Invasion)” and “Königsplatz (Invasion)” in the Battle for Berlin campaign.

Interface and Graphics

  • Hint added for heavily wounded soldiers to open the soldier selection window if no switching is set.
  • Added hint to replenish ammo if all ammo is used.
  • Markers of enemy vehicles will now move with the vehicle. Time before the maker disappears has been lowered to 15 seconds.
  • Fixed bug when no additional elements and fittings were displayed on the craft icon.
  • Changed style of main buttons.
  • Upper screen messages contrast increased for better readability.


M1 Carbine upgrade now operates in the same way as other members of this model line (M1A1 Carbine, M2 Carbine, M2A1 Carbine):

  • removed +10% ROF bonus at level 2;
  • damage bonus at level 3 has been lowered from 20% to 10%;

Gameplay and other changes

  • Now, the selected formation will be saved for each squad and will not be reset when it is destroyed or when the mission ends.
  • Now window glass is broken if soldiers move through it.
  • Added smoke signals in Lone Fighters mode to mark the capture points.
  • Options now allow setting up the language of the narrator according to the nations you play for.
  • Changed way vehicle crew members are rewarded:
    • Additional assist points are now distributed among the crew.
    • Amount of additional points is fixed and does not depend on the amount of the crew.
    • Killed crew members do not earn assist points and their share is not distributed.
    • One person crew (aircraft) earn additional points themselves.
    • Additional points are awarded only in the Squads mode.


  • Fixed bug that disallowed shooting of soldiers operating a gun.
  • Fixed incorrect work of the spawn point selection if chosen point became inactive due to nearby combat.
  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to call an artillery strike without switching to radio operator.
  • Shell count now works correctly in vehicles.
  • Fixed bug with hanging reloading cycle in vehicles.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect tank cannon rendering over large distances when it might be displayed rotated to the opposite side.
  • Fixed missing animations and sounds for Engineer built guns.
  • Corrected ammo counter for mortar.
  • Fixed bug with frame jumps and freezes when capturing strategic points.
  • Fixed bug when in the Assault mode battle was not ended with timer expiration.
  • Fixed vehicle spawn point at the beginning of the Le Bre (Invasion) mission.
  • In Training mode, replaced T-34-57 with T-34-85 to match the campaign vehicles set.
  • Fixed incorrect removal of a killed soldier from the squad list.
  • Fixed display of names and descriptions of vehicles in the hangar and rewards screen.
  • Fixed progress display in the Campaign window.
  • Changed scrolling animation in the Campaign menu.
  • Online friends counter now works properly.
  • Fixed incorrect display of contacts search results when you clear the search line.
  • Fixed some localization errors.

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