Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)

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Greetings, soldiers! Welcome to the newest update, in which we introduce greater diversity in missions and continue to upgrade the AI soldiers.

Missions in the ‘Invasion’ mode have been transformed, creating different route options and strategic points, so it’s time to learn some new tactics!

Improvements include an improved interface that will make it easier to navigate the Campaign tab, new cards which will help you manage squads and their weaponry, and the ability to switch to any desired soldier of your squad, at any time, without cycling.

We have also added the option to forgive squadmates for accidental kills in the ‘Lone Fighters’ mode.

And, of course, we are fully focused on improving the AI: your soldiers will be better at following your orders, will react faster to close targets, and will be smarter when choosing their targets. These are just some of the things this update introduces, so let’s take a look at all the other changes.

The list of full changes:


Missions and locations

  • Added a new mission ‘Fortified district (Invasion)’ with different attack paths in the Moscow campaign.
  • Added new variable paths in missions Airfield (Invasion) in Normandy, Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion) in Berlin, Monastery (Invasion) and Forestry (Invasion) in the Moscow campaign.
  • Added new covers in missions Airfield (Invasion), The Kroll Opera House (Invasion), Monastery (Invasion and Conquest), and Fortified district (Invasion and Conquest).
  • Balance changes in Conquest mode missions: increased the amount of time needed to capture strategic points, and also changes to reinforcement numbers.

Graphics and Interface

  • Improved campaign window: added new progress indicator, squad cards, and weapons.
  • Added a pie-menu to select the soldier you are swapping to during a battle (by long pressing the ‘change soldier’ button).
  • Added a mid-screen message when leaving the battle area.
  • The targeting circle when controlling a cannon from the commander window is now smaller.
  • The damage indicators (which turn the sides of the screen red) will now be more informative, representing the amount of damage received.
  • Improved blood rendering on torn-off limbs.
  • Increased game performance.
  • Improved some light sources.

Gameplay and other changes

AI-soldiers will now react faster to new targets appearing in their view.

  • Improved the efficiency of AI soldiers over short distances. Now, close targets will be considered a priority.
  • AI-soldiers are now better at planning their movements and shooting, not making long stops outside of cover.
  • AI-soldiers now detect barbed wire better and try to bypass it when possible.
  • AI-soldiers are better at following orders and will consider highlighted targets a priority.
  • AI-soldiers will no longer try to shoot through burnt vehicles.
  • An option to forgive other players for occasional friendly fire has been added in the ‘Lone fighters’ mode. This option is available when clicking the player’s name in the player list during the battle.
  • In the Lone Fighters mode, the penalty for repeated attacks on the same allied player has been increased.
  • In the Lone Fighters mode, if a player respawns near an ally, they will have a 1 second immunity.
  • Light tank engines now have a larger zone to get damaged by flamethrowers or molotov cocktails.
  • Players no longer need to stop crawling when they want to aim. Aiming will automatically stop the crawling cycle.
  • Screenshots will now be saved as .PNG without any loss in quality.
  • Some currently unused resources have been removed from the game files.
  • HUD messaging about your achievements in battle can now be turned on or off in the settings.


  • Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented players from throwing grenades.
  • Grenade will no longer be doubled when thrown.
  • You will no longer be able to set up mobile rally points in attics if they may result in soldiers spawning within solid objects.
  • The camera will no longer jump when mounting your weapon on bipods while prone.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the crosshair to appear when operating a mortar.
  • Fixed a delay with doors opening when playing with high ping.
  • Fixed the incorrect effect of the ability to increase a soldiers’ stamina.
  • Soldier appearance is no longer changed when upgrading equipment or weaponry.
  • Fixed some interface bugs causing incorrect text or icons.
  • In the Contacts menu, you will now see the correct number of friend invites, rejects and requests.
  • Fixed reflections that were too bright.
  • AI-soldiers in the Practice mode will no longer bump into sandbags.
  • In Practice mode (in Normandy) the missing gunner in the allied tank has been fixed.
  • In Practice mode (in Moscow) the training target has been changed from T-34 to T-50.

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