Update ( - Xbox, - Playstation)

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In this update we will please you with new Engineer rewards for building useful objects, new AI-soldier improvements, artillery strike balancing, and many other changes, including ones based on your feedback. Changes like new strategic point icons that will no longer obscure your view and aiming, corrected tank burning model and speed and, finally, the correct amount and radius of damage dealt by smaller caliber HE shells against infantry!

We have also added a new mission The Maisky Forestry (Conquest) in the Battle for Moscow campaign.

Welcome to the new Enlisted update!


  • AI-Soldiers no longer see through flamethrower flames.
  • Improved obstacle handling for AI-Soldiers.
  • Improved grenade throwing. AI-Soldiers no longer look away from an enemy tank while still throwing grenades and can now throw grenades while priming/cooking.
  • Improved AI-Soldier navigation, including:
    • They do not ‘slide’ in the air while climbing over obstacles.
    • Improved navigation and searching in water for paths to the shore.
    • They are better at finding their way through fences.
    • Improved process of climbing through windows in Berlin Opera.


  • Browning 1918A2 — added secondary auto firing mode with a lower rate of fire.


  • Added a new mission The Maisky Forestry (Conquest) in the Battle for Moscow campaign.
  • Improved battle area positioning in the mission Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion).
  • Practice: added vehicles for faster movement in the area.
  • Barbed wire amounts were lowered in some Battle for Berlin locations.
  • Added new cover in The Maisky Forestry (Invasion) mission.
  • Some objects changed to destructible in The Maisky Forestry (Invasion) mission.


  • Progression is visible for Campaign levels that are still locked.
  • Vehicle improvements are now taken into consideration in the specs view window.
  • Added reward for destroying barrage balloons if they are in the secondary mission objectives.
  • Added orders for increasing a soldier’s rank.
  • Now the Engineer will get additional xp reward for building useful objects used by allies:
    • If enemy soldiers or vehicles are killed with a built cannon or assisted in killing them from it.
    • When barbed wire damages the enemy.
    • When allies take ammunition from your supply crate.
    • If allies actively fight near sandbags located in capture points.
  • Engineers will also get a small additional reward for building any object.
  • All additional Engineer rewards will be displayed separately in the debriefing.


  • Quick messages can be used while in a vehicle.
  • Added icons to the kill log to show enemies killed by the player.
  • Added hint to claim reward for reaching campaign level.
  • Improved markers over allies. Now they are not hidden when near and helps to identify players when storming a building for example.
  • Now you will see a hint in the tutorial if you have no grenades left.
  • Premium account purchase window redesigned. Added new premium duration options.
  • Added transparency for capture point icon when it is in the targeting area of the screen so that it does not obscure fighting the enemies at the point.
  • In logistics cards there are icons of soldier class or weapon type now.
  • When entering the upgrade menu, the research tree of the current squad is selected automatically.
  • The hangar menu scene for the aircraft and the tank has been visually improved.
  • Some tweaks were done to HUD to make it smaller on the screen.
  • Now in the campaign experience section there are icons for premium squads and/or premium account displayed if experience was gained using them.


  • The length of all weapons has been temporarily lowered as the weapon pull-up feature is bugged, making players leave aiming mode where it should not. For example while walking in aiming mode inside bunkers. This change should drastically decrease the chance of this error. The bug itself will be fixed in the nearest updates.
  • The player marker will blink on the minimap after using a “Follow me” quick message.
  • Now running speed while holding a hammer is the same as when holding a knife.
  • Now the healing process will not be broken, and if you move - it will only pause for the duration of movement.
  • A fuel tank explosion will not result in immediate destruction of an armored vehicle.
  • Damage from fire against tank modules has been lowered. Fire does not spread as fast over all modules now.
  • Fixed tank module fire protection, so the ammunition will not explode as quickly when the tank is on fire.
  • The same tank module will not be set on fire more than once.
  • Increased durability of wrecked vehicles located in locations - now you will have more cover after bombing.
  • A rally point can now be inaccessible for respawning if there is a fight nearby.
  • Now when selecting a respawn point, the camera moves more slowly.
  • Now the upgrade of radio operators allowing faster artillery reloading will give you the ability to call artillery strikes every 48 seconds and not each 30 seconds as before.


  • Added experimental sound delays (Doppler effect) which change depending upon the distance from the sound source. For example, a far-away explosion, or shots from a sniper, may be heard somewhat later than they actually took place.
  • Soldiers now will exclaim/say things less often.


  • Fixed missing splinter damage of tank HE shells against infantry. This fix will significantly increase the damage of 20-45 mm shells, and their damage radius by 30%.
  • Now even half-empty magazines will be refilled from supply crates.
  • In Practice mode, you can now use aircraft without waiting 60 seconds.
  • Corrected vehicle spawn points in missions ‘Ruins of Vaux (Invasion)’ and ‘Monastery (Invasion)’ so that vehicles do not appear inside other objects.
  • Fixed the deactivation of the respawn point in the capture zone (in Invasion mode) after soldiers in it are damaged.
  • Now if you respawn with an increased stamina perk, it will be at 100%.
  • Fixed GI artefacts when moving the camera too quickly.
  • Fixed the inability to place a mine, in some cases.
  • Fixed the wrong voice message regarding there being a single capture point left when there were more/several points to capture.
  • The elements of some clothes, such as collars, will no longer obscure the view.
  • You will no longer be able to blow up an ammo box in training.
  • Fixed bug which allowed the destruction of allied rally points.
  • Flamethrower flames will now extinguish when under water.
  • Gun barrels will no longer sink into walls.
  • Players will now see the correct hint when trying to resupply with a looted weapon.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to resupply the Panzerfaust 60 indefinitely.
  • Corrected the logging of the killer if his victim dies after his (the killer’s) death. For example, the victim is wounded by the killer, the killer dies, and then the victim dies - now the initial killer is correctly logged as killing that victim. This fix is important for mines, rockets and bombs.
  • Fixed instances where the grenade model would blink when switching weapons.
  • Fixed tanks shaking in the beach mission of the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • M4a2 76(W) Sherman - fixed a bug where the commander’s periscope would not rotate with the turret.
  • Fixed instances of some messages appearing in the wrong colour.
  • Fixed freezes which would occur when bombs exploded.
  • [Consoles] Fixed aim assist for mortars.
  • [Consoles] Improved squad management with controllers.

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