"Unique" vehicles being limited to certain squads is dumb (IMO)

After a long time playing i have finaly gotten the gold vehicle order and bought the M4A1(76)W “in the mood” sherman tank. i was excited to use it ingame since i dont have the research tree even close to the normal one, but it turns out i have to gain 1.2 million research points to even obtain a squad/crew that can operate that tank. What a waste of a gold order /1200 gold. outright sad.

But what do you think? let me know.


Yeah that’s too bad…many fall into that trap.
Unfortunately gold order vehicles are pretty much useless for newer players, or if the research tree is not yet far reached.
Event vehicles usually do come with a squad.


Read carefully next time, there already stated what squad can be use the vehicle on the buy menu.

I don’t think it will be a wise choice for newer player. Just like the gold order weapon, it will bring them to high br just because of 1 gold order vehicle.

So I think you should be able to use gold order vehicle on any squad, but certain prerequisite is needed like you need to unlock a number of stuff on the same tier.

It does mention what squads the gold order vehicle is usable by. I do not think that needs to change, but a pop up to confirm purchase when you do not own any of the squads is a valid option that I think could and should be absolutely implemented.


Before purchase the vehicle the game say you what squad is necessary

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Just how it is unfortunately. They aren’t get vehicle quick schemes, they’re a cool historical alternative you can use instead of the basic vehicle. It tells you which squad you need to use it before you buy it, and it’ll even be in red if you don’t own it

If they weren’t limited then BR 5 games would be full of players with only 1 BR 5 tank and br 1/2 infantry, so they would just get bullied