U.s. test trials remington model 8 semi automatic rifle

According to John Henwood in “The Great Remington 8” a small group of 25 Remington Model 8s were acquired for the Army Infantry School at Fort Benning in 1921 and subsequently modified by Springfield Armory with updated sights and a lengthened military style grooved forend. This 1920 production rifle, serial number 44813, falls squarely within other known examples, which range from 42200 to 45737. Fit with a 22" blued barrel correctly chambered in .25 Remington. High blade front sight with the original rear sight removed and replaced with a receiver mounted Lyman 48 aperture sight as is standard on other examples. Standard straight grip walnut stock with blued steel crescent Remington UMC butt plate and sling swivel. Military style finger groove forend retained by a single “U” marked band. CONDITION: Very good overall. The vast majority of the factory-applied blued finish is retained throughout, with some light wear, a few spots of cleaned oxidation, and a spot of reapplied finish at the location of the original rear sight. Stocks are good, and show some impressions and abrasions in line with military service. The charging handle is a replacement. Very good bright bore displaying well-defined rifling. Externally visible serial numbers match. A very interesting Remington rifle! Barrel Length: 22" Caliber/Bore: .25 Remington FFL Status: Curio & Relic Manufacturer: Remington Model: 8 Serial Number: 44813