Type 94 Te-Ke, Yay or Nay?

In your opinion, would the TK be a possible addition for the Japanese faction? For those who don’t know the vehicle here’s the details, the Type 94 was a tankette developed around 1932 and was approved for mass production in 1934, it saw combat on China and the Pacific front up to Okinawa in 1945, the vehicle had a 32hp Gasoline engine and could go up to 40 km/h, it had an armor of 4-12mm thickness being the weakest parts the top and the bottom of the vehicle, it had a crew of 2 people and had a machinegun as the main armament, as for what lmg there’s two options:

  • Type 91 LMG(Basically a vehicle mounted Type 11 with scope), if you have used the Type 11 in game then is the same thing (30 rounds ammo capacity)

  • Type 92 HMG, basically the gun that Engineer II can build on the lmg nest but this time with its irl strip feed system (30 rounds per strip)

  • An alternative will also be giving the vehicle the same 37mm cannon that the Ha Go uses because it was a late war variant of the TK but we all know the current performance of the Ha Go at the moment without HE

The vehicle will play as a movable machinegun nest, it could take advantage of its small size to go on unexpected places and ambush enemy troops while also making it hard to hit due to its low profile and speed, the gunner/commander can peek out of the hatch in case of having to see around, and also since it has a turret it has a full 360 degrees of rotation to engage on all directions, of course the TK has disadvantages such as the lackluster armor, the fact a fire can be started on the engine by shooting at it or with WP grenades or in general grenades due to the engine using Gasoline instead of Diesel, explosives of any type will wound the crew due to the pressure and shrapnel generated by explosives and the thin armor, and that due to its small size it can get stuck more often than a bigger tank

[while they are scale models this is the general size of the TK next to the Ha Go]

So yeah what do you guys think about this possible addition? since Japan is stuck with early war stuff for now why not bring some shine into less represented vehicles of WWII, that’s all for today sorry for the long post


Sure why not, it will absolutely get wrecked but could be fun. IDK if it should be added as a Tanker Class vehicle though, they should add some other vehicle classes for things like this (M13 and Ta Se shouldn’t be Tanker Class vehicles either and should be moved to some other vehicle class if such classes get added)


I understand the sentiment but at the same time all that matters is the vehicle player is supporting the team one way or the other, be it fighting vehicles, infantry, or even planes. Plus during a match the team will cycle through various vehicles as you get destroyed

And in the game’s current state I don’t know if there would be another independent vehicle class spawn seeing as we have 8 players with 2 tanks and 2 planes

We’ve all been speculating how half tracks and lighter vehicles should function. In Tunisia do Motorcycles count as an “infantry” squad

I love the idea of adding tankettes, perhaps as parked vehicles that won’t consume vehicle tickets.
Just like free−ride E13A1 parked on the shore of Gavutu.


Some quick notes
-Type 91 MG had a 45 shot extended hopper (9x5rnd clips)

-Type 92 HMG was never mounted in the Type 94 tankette, the Type 97 tank MG was mounted instead later on.
(Type 97 tank machine gun)

-While there is a 37mm prototype Type 94 the gun was never on any production models, the Type 97 tankette however did have a 37mm gun variant that was produced in numbers.
(prototype Type 94 tankette with 37mm gun)

(Type 97 tankette with 37mm gun)

As for the ingame usage I would only agree with it on a China front theater, or outside of the normal vehicle slot (maybe if the game had an additional vehicle slot only for light vehicles? AFVs with only MGs like the Sd.Kfz. 221, L3/33, BA-64 and other armored cars/tankettes).
For the current vehicle slot as it is right now you just need that anti tank capability and no one would use a pure machine gun vehicle.


If I had to make an educated guess, this wouldn’t be a bad idea for a lowish BR tankette for the Japanese to add some variety there. Whether or not players would actually grind for it though? No clue.

A tankette?

Definitely yes!

Because I want pz1 for Germany. And Frankenstein m2a2 tankette for USA… caus’ reasons (gotta test if I can ram a panther with this, in Enlisted.)

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Congrats on your Helper role, Kitsune!

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Thank you, thank you!

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look like bob semple cousin

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i would assume you would also like the italian tankette?

All tankettes.


There’s a reason the t60 is Enlisted bestest awesomest beautifulest sexierest vehicle.

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yea tankette are fun in their own way arent they? i remember liking the italian tankette so much

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Definitely for more cute tanks, The Ke-Ni basically is a go-cart, zoom zoom.

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I’d rather see the Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha. It would be more unique since the Te-Ke would just be a worse Ha-Go.

The Type 92 would play like a mobile HMG nest armed with one Type 92 13.2mm HMG in the hull and two Type 91 6.5mm LMGs one in the turret and one on an AA pintle mount outside the turret.



If they add this then America/New Zealand will get the legendary Bob semple tank!

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