Type 100 MG accuracy (or lack thereof)

Ok, it sure looks cool, and yes, it can puts up quite a lot of saturation fire… But that’s pretty much it. Saturation is all that it looks able to do. Good luck aiming at a small target.

Even when fully upgraded and bipoded in prone position, its accuracy feels subpar to me.


Accuracy or dispersion?

That’s the issue.

I prefer just normal crouching.


Call that what you want, it’s the same thing. Regardless of recoil, you aim at one point and your bullets spread out, even in ideal conditions.

Hitting a human sized target further than 30-40m or so becomes a matter of spraying and praying, whereas with other MGs in game in ideal conditions you can achieve a single shot accuracy comparable to semiauto rifles.

I am aware of the bug that increases dispersion if deploying bipod while standing or crouching, but still so far with any other MG the prone, bipoded position grants the best accuracy. In this case, it’s still not enough.

Ok, I get that the double firing mechanism, being intended for AA use and stuff may supposedly make it inherently less accurate than a proper infantry MG.

Yet, we end up with the Japanese Vickers. You can sweep rooms with it, but good luck using it as an MG would be supposed to. Gotta waste half a mag on a single dude before a bullet decides to actually fly where it should.

I don’t know man. I do not share your experiences. I used this MG (not upgraded version) today and was very successful with.
It’s accuracy felt pretty standard.

Accuracy is a skill issue that is based on the shooter’s performance. Dispersion is not a skill issue that is based on the shooter’s performance but purely based on RNGs. One puts the outcome in control of the player, and the other doesn’t. They are not the same thing.

Given the post + pfp combo, I refuse to believe that this is a legit answer and not a play on the :nerd_face: meme.

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Fine. Mission for the upcoming days: more extensive testing.

You can check my today’s replays. Specifically the first two
In one of them , I was using Type 100 quite extensively. And definitely didn’t experienced any abnormally bad accuracy.

But maybe I was just lucky, idk.

I think the two barrels might be the issue here.

The second bullet has 0.4 dispersion

I won’t complain, as long as at least the first one flies straight.

Maybe I’m just spoiled because in the previous days I’ve been leveling up a German Gunners III squad, and quite literally sniping people left and right with the MG34 Patronentrommel.

Btw. Did they changed its sights camera or is it still covering half of the screen?

ye, the second bullet works like a shotgun pellet and ends up anywhere but not on target lol.


I certainly moved while shooting, and where not crouching. But still, lol.

But nevertheless.

It’s a great gun.

Upon further testing, it looks like this gun is best used as a superheavy SMG.

No point in trying to snipe or fire short bursts from afar, since bullets just won’t fly straight.

On the other hand, the super clear sight and excellent recoil control make it a very powerful lawn mower at low to medium range.

Compared to what the US have at BR V, I’d say that this stands somewhere below the Browning 1916 but still above the 100 rds Thompson.

Yeah Its weird that they decided to try their coding on a double barrel automatic weapon. Sounds like a stillbirth from the start.
I dont know about Japanese armory but there should be some proto belt weapon with one barrel.

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I kind of expected this, looking at the thing being literally 2 lmgs DUCKTAPED togheter :laughing:

It’s indeed an amazing suppression tool. But it’s no good for accurate take down at range. There’s still the scoped lmg for that at least :thinking: