Tunisia changes please

Some people hate Tunisia and are probably happy post merge, but there are a lot of people including me that want to see more Tunisia.

I played BR3 yesterday out of 8 matches not one was Tunisia, I don’t like to play BR2 too much as I leave that to new players and plus it is quite slow, sometimes nice change of pace, but can be boring too.

The main issue other than MM is Italian SMGs and paras are BR4, so technically won’t get to see Tunisia at all, I have already suggested reducing box and making them BR3.

Ok so hear me out, either make Tunisia BR4 so Italian paras and weapons can be used, or reduce Beretta BR and paras, increase MM likelihood if a certain plane, tank is used (soft MM rule)

I have considered axis BR4 brings panther, but allies get M4A1, so not too bad. Planes are I think evenly matched, although G10 is BR4.

Please feel free to discuss, but keep on topic, do you think Tunisia ready for higher BR? If too many map options for axis BR4 drop Stalingrad to BR3 max.


Not possible with the current matchmaking. They’d need to make specific BR3-4 matches just for Tunisia.
But once the more queues are implemented, why not.

Most italian gear isn’t really that popular from what I’ve seen. And most of the starter gear is tied to the eastern front afaik.
At worst this just backfires and you’d end up playing Tunisia even less than you are now lol

Italian paratroopers BR adjustment is long overdue.
OG-43 is a BR1 gun, but sure squeeze the Folgore to BR2 since the British BSA Welgun are also BR2.

Italian paratroopers should have
Breda 30
Sniper Carcano M91
Granatwerfer 36
For BR1-3

Beretta M38 (40 rounds)
Sniper Carcano M91
Panzerfaust 60
Granatwerfer 36
For BR3-5


Panther and Mkb? No god please no. Nooo.

Although in the future I would be happy to see some kind of flexible system where Tigers would appear in Tunisia but not Panthers and such.

yeah I like this … just remove the flamethrower option from low BR since its already possible to have different weapons.

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Yeah me too. Made several topics/complaints about it already.
Game is becoming useless and boring for me.
Must be my punishment for only playing USA.
Nearly every battle I get is Normandy, Normandy and then Normandy again.
BR2, BR3, BR4 doesnt matter…almost always the same damn campaign.
I’m lucky just to get Tunisia or Pacific once in a while.

I want to play only BR5 but then I will only get Normandy…every day the same, every battle the same…
(I’m not counting that one map from Bulge as a complete campaign).
Even playing BR2, 3, 4 almost always sends me to f*cking Normandy.
And to make it worse, ppl accuse me of seal clubbing when I play low BR…
No way man I’m just trying to get a different campaing once in a while!
Only an equal chance of each available campaign is acceptable.
But now we have the opposite…which is unacceptable.

My replay page shows 25 battles:

16 x normandy
7 x pacific
2 x tunisia

(tbh I had some BR5 battles which only give normandy, but that system is so stupid that I dont exclude BR5 battles from this shit list)

:-1: :-1: :-1:

TLDR: really sick and tired of Normandy all the time


I wonder if we only see maps that already have capture time and reinforcements fixed.

Judging by how easy it is for US to steamroll Normandy, I have my doubts in this.

It’s not fixed yet. U.s. gets double the reinforcements and fast capture with hardly anyone in point

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Keep on topic please

The original Tiger 141 was captured at Kassarine Pass I believe, and I want to recreate the Battlefield 1942 opening with Shermans lobbing shells at Panzers lol

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I would honestly love it if the MM/BR system wasn’t as braindead as it is now but flexible for lineups and presets (Preferred map system on top of BR).

I do want to drive a Tiger 1 in Tunisia but not at the cost if panther/king tiger/mkb/stg.

And I don’t know what would be the Tiger’s counter in Tunisia – in BFV it was Churchill with a big cannon so if that was the case in Enlisted I wouldn’t mind it.

But if the cost is Firefly or 76mm Shermans then again not worth it.

As I finish my essay I also realize that I don’t wsnt to see thunderbolts and corsairs in Tunisia either so BR 1-3 suits it well.

Let’s keep it that way.

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Don’t you mean Tiger 131? Cuase as far as I know Tiger 141 of heavy tank battalion 501 was never captured it was in service past 1942 and most likely evacuated from Tunis but 131 was captured during a push toward Tunis

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I am still confused why the Tiger is BR5 while the panther is BR4

Both should be on the same BR.

So, since Tiger vs Firefly doesn’t sound too unrealistic for Tunisia ( also firefly should be a regular unlock and BR4, there were many more fireflies in existence than Jumbo tanks) I would say Tunisia could get BR4 matches, but never BR5.

In general higher BR makes sense for Tunisia, because of more weapons that can fight reliably in mid range combat.


No, it doesn’t. This campaign was always the least popular & just bot farm.
You don’t want put objectively not very popular maps to queue which should be more popular than the other one.
Why? Because everything on higher BR queue is more expensive. And that’s where you want to majority of players be.

I hate the idea of getting Tunisia while playing any BR. Especially since even harsher punishments for quitters are in planning. As long as there’s no option to ban certain campaigns in MM, Tunisia should stay only in low BR queue.

Sounds to me like no, because I don’t like Tunisia it should not be improved, unless I can exclude it…

Well I guess we all feedback what we want but my original post was for everyone, not just me :wink:

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Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. But it’s not only me. You can’t fight the fact Tunisia was the least popular campaign for the longest time. And you can’t deny the fact for majority of its existence it was just one sided botfarm.

It clearly wasn’t popular and its maps shouldn’t be introduced to high BR queues atm. They either have to significantly improve them, or just simply create option for every player to ban certain campaign which he do not like.
That’s classic feature in similar games.

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You’re correct, I was phone-posting and didn’t want to google it lol

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How come?
Fireflies were never deployed in North Africa.

If they go higher BR I’d prefer a new beefier Churchill like in BFV.

But then again there’s MKb 42 and stuff on BR4, so I’m very happy with it right now on low BR.

Even though Puma and Pz IV J there annoy the hell out of me.

Well I like Tunisia much more than Stalingrad, yet I dont think Stalingrad should never be played.

I would say Stalingrad should be even lower in BR - since it never saw Tigers unlike Tunisia - but yeah that is just from a historical point of view, which isn’t really the popular way of balancing things anymore.