Tiger Power 💪🏻 (just screenshots sharing)

As a self proclaimed panzer ace I would like to share some of my epic moments of me exploiting my graceful beast to its fullest.
No tank vs tank because I dont feel like another tank could match my Königtiger with my skills (also Im lazy to record), I hope the new “Iron Fury” will finally add worthy adversaries.


I can play other tanks as well duh!
Anyway thanks for sticking out, here is a tip to become an ace too: use your MG to down a soldier than fire your HE shell into him for maximum effect! :exploding_head: (optional with M3 75mm which has almost :firecracker: max effect anyway).



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I remember the first time I ripped a 75 from a newly unlocked PZ3N in Normandy and saw these types of screenshots that followed. I am a fan of this carnage, great montage

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You’re gonna love the USA tank with 105mm Howitzer :seemsgood:

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105 is my fav US tank hahahaha

“Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power”

-M8 Scott and Pz III N Stalingrad

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1 shot 38 kills, made by enemies though.


Nice. My best is 28 so far.

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Very impressive!

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If only that team put more 9s out :rofl: