Tiering up medaled troops

I have a few and after researching the weapon to buy the higher tier troop but they didn’t tier up automatically and with this being my second one to not do it I’m lost on what to do and would like to not have them just sitting in reserve

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Show me a screenshot of your problem, I don’t understand what you mean

I think he means that you can’t upgrade a premium soldier. e.g. You have a premium assaulter, but you can’t upgrade him to have a pistol or secondary rifle etc., even though the squad he’s in can.

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I researched the M9 bazooka got that squad and can buy tier 2 AT troops but the premium AT gunner won’t tier up same for the rifleman 2 to 3

The Gold Order soldiers and troops are going to be a rank or tier (level) below the highest level/tier for that soldier class unless there are only two levels/tiers of troop.

If you wish to upgrade the Gold Order soldier, you must identify what level he is. If you have a Level 2 AT soldier, and you wish to use the backpack slot, pistol slot or the secondary weapon, you must upgrade the AT squad Level 2 and unlock those traits individually for that specific squad and its corresponding level/rank/tier.

If you have no level 2, 3 or 4 squad and you purchase a Gold Order soldier, he will be either a 2-3star soldier. He will be stuck at that until you unlock the ability to have a “5 Star” soldier of the corresponding squad/class.

I hope I help! Feel free to send screenshots if you require more assistance!

Here is a soldier for a golden order, 2nd rank engineer
You will need to unlock a squad of 2 engineers
After which you must level up the red branch of this squad, this way you will gain access to the cells that are unlocked in this leveling branch