Thoughts on the addition of the SKS rifle to the game?

The SKS was a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm. It held 10 rounds in an internal magazine, and could sustain roughly 40 rounds/min with a muzzle velocity of 735 m/s and effective firing range of roughly 400m.

This rifle was designed in 1944, and saw field trials in the final months of the Second World War. While it was not yet in mass production, it would see action with the 1st Belorussian Front in 1945, some being taken into Berlin.



Why not, could be cool for armory event.


from what i know, the ones that saw trials with 1st Belarussian Front were SKS-31, 7.62x54r version that is already in the game as an engineer squad in Berlin


From what I saw on Wikipedia it says they were 7.62x39 variants saw service with the 1st Belorussian Front.

“ Simonov’s early 7.62x39mm models were quickly pressed into service, and saw action with troops of the 1st Belorussian Front”

This is the source they give for that:

Johnson, Harold (March–April 1961). “Current Soviet small arms”. Army Research and Development . Alexandria, Virginia: United States Army Materiel Command. 15 (6): 31–32.

I am basing my information on this (first is the original, second contains some exempts for english-speaking users and the link to the third page which is about trials of 7.62x41mm version): СКС, который так и не вступил в бой | Оружейный журнал «КАЛАШНИКОВ»
Myth of 1945 SKS in the war | Gunboards Forums

TL;DR: 7.62x39mm SKS was not sent to trials in 1944, it’s a common misconception. It was the 7.62x54 model of 1941 that was finished for trials only by 1944 due to the beginning of the war.

The last link contains some info about x41 version, but from what i understand, it wasn’t even sent to the armed forces on the frontline (then again, we have AS-44 so I guess it can work?)

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this is VG 1-5, but worse. Are you sure ?


We have 5 round chambered version in a limited(for now) premium squad

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From what I was seeing though the 7.62x39 SKS was pushed into field tests in 1945 though it was designed in 1944. Are you saying that’s not the case?

Edit - Actually, I may be at least partially wrong here. I’m seeing that earlier variants shot a 7.62 x 41 mm intermediate cartridge, not the 7.62 x 39.

Yeah, seems like it be a neat event weapon. Why not?

it’s in the editor.

and there’s an experimental version too

they… look the same though.

might have different stats.

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Go away. There are already weapons that should be removed from the game, why add more of them?


No u

Devmans need to move away from mentality of endlessly adding more weapons and vehicles because it will not lead the game to a good place. It’s already getting to be a mess.
SKS? Oh, M14 is basically the already-in-game-T20. I guess FAL is just a different M14. Etc. Soon enough you’ll end up like War Thunder. Merge the campaigns then smear the population across a century of BR’s


SKS may be worse than the AVT-40 but would be interesting to have. Who knows could be their version of the G43 8mm Kurz but not having the uber 3 round burst plus only 10 rounds.

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Yeah, I don’t expect it would be an overpowered weapon or anything, but it certainly seems fun/interesting

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Based on the Patreon post, it wasn’t sent to the army field tests yet in 1945, just tested at home? not sure how to explain this one.

Honestly tho, if it isn’t gonna one hit kill people - then it potentially be worse than a m1 carbine - don’t forget the SKS is top loaded and has no magazine reload.


The one we currently have in-game is a 5 round version that rarely 1 hit kill.
Sks 31.


Forgot I had them. Pretty rifle, fun to use… But lacks a bit of “oomph”.

It’s in Berlin atm. But seeing it got first tier semi auto stats… might be found low mid BR after the war thunder update, who knows.

I like the axis counterpart too.

indeed, the 5 round also makes it kinda… meh for current berlin pace.

i love that one too even tho i dont use it as much:

Silver camos for soldiers are just wonderfull

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