Thoughts on aim assist/aimbot?

“aim assist can be used to learn where the enemy is when they’re behind vegetation. All you’d have to do is aim at a hedge row and as your turning speed slows down you know where the other guy is and can suppress them.

Basically you’d have a complicated wall hack in a game where cover and concealment can turn the tides of battle. “

Console players, how much of this is true?


Not judging. I play exclusively MK. Just trying to understand how the console world works. But when i hear people wanting to play MK on console it make me think how much of an advantage that could be.

Don’t know. That’s some higher skill crap involving soldering and crap just to get “that little bit more advantage”

Bolt-Action Carbines and Sniper Rifles have the most aim assist, Long rifles like the M91/30 have the lowest amount of aim assist. Use the M44 Carbine and M91/30 sniper rifle for the most aim assist.

I’ve played a lot of first person shooters on both PC and console so I’ll share my thoughts on the aim assist on console.

First, it’s pretty bad in general: it always aims center mass, it sometimes aims above prone enemies, it aims in-between close enemies and it sometimes picks targets you aren’t aiming at to snap to.

The only things it’s good at are cqb snap shots with bolt actions and shotguns, and hinting at concealed targets as you’ve mentioned. I play enlisted on PS5 and play with it off because it frustrated me more often than not.

Aiming with a mouse is orders of magnitude easier than aiming with a thumb stick on a controller, even with aim assist. It’s the difference of point and click; to move joystick in the direction you want your aim to rotate, then move the joystick back to center as it passes over your target, with a little side-strafing back and forth to fine tune the aim and timing your trigger pull to fire as your aim passes over the target. Small aim adjustments are very clunky and can be wildly frustrating.

With all other things equal, a contest between controllers with aim assist and keyboard and mouse will favor the kb&m every day of the week.

As long time PC player, I only really notice console players getting the advantage occasionally. I can tell when a console sniper kills me without looking at the kill feed. That’s probably where I notice it the most. Then I make them regret shooting me. It’s funny knowing I’m making the same shots without a scope or aim assist.

You tap aim on console near an enemy and it’ll assist you in moving in the general direction or on the target.

It’s lame. Should be removed tbh.

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Ya its the same in WT with tracking people through walls using crosshair movement, honestly I don’t mind aim assist on controllers, problem is some console players are using M+KB that spoof controller inputs and receive aim assist using that which is basically undetectable aim hacks.

What about the full AI assist bot where you can just kick back and watch your game :rofl: