This new update to destruction mode is too op for defender fix it (game breaking bug already reported before creating this post)

This new update to destruction mode make defender too op please nerf them immediately

Oh and everyone cant see the bomb so we lost pretty balance right?

also i hope this isnt what parrot meant when he said something like “defender need buff” (im not being serious with this sentence ok? just want to make sure you know that)


is it everyone or just you? cause sometimes game doesnt load all models.

btw did you try use on that empty spot?

at the bottom of the picture i said everyone so yea it everyone and yes i did try the use and it didnt work at all

and i did try suicide and come back to see if the bomb reappear but nope it didnt

ah yes.

the object bomb prentively getting destroyed by explosives but not by planting a bomb.

i remember having the same issue over my mod.

it’s because devs forgot to change the hitpoints of the rendinst to -2 ( which it’s the equivalent of indestructible. and only by mechanic should disappear )

quite funny

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