This guy

I won’t lie, this chap carried us.

200+ kills… I had to look at the replay.

It turns out, this fine chap sited his AT gun over the first flag and clocked nearly 100 kills. He did some good fun with a tank or two too, and was a bit average as an assaulter, but he constantly went for the high ground and did well with it.

No dodgy shit, as far as I can tell. Fair play dude. Fair play.


War never changes. It was only the enemy team’s mistake that no one destroyed this anti-tank gun. He played fair, but his enemies turned out to be inept.


Average moscow quarry experience.
Once I had a match where both sides had total of 5 AT guns at one point. It felt like:


Back in the time Once I taked the F1 and camped on the hill at my spawn point, almost 300 kil and half of them was counted additionally as zone kill…

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thats why I still like an AT rifle or 2 :slight_smile:

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Certain groups: This was a despicable and unfair massacre
It’s definitely not laziness or refusal to confront
Officials should restrict this kind of spam

Not really.
First - engineers was carried your team.(so you too)
Second - your bots(or bad players on down tab) was bad but still played actively and was on point.
Third - not gonna lie, he is really was decent tank camper. Ah, he is AT camper… So it’s even harder. But still he was support.

So no.

(I wonder why there have been so many AT gun enthusiasts lately?)

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Easy to build + fast reload = many kills

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And seems a lot of beginners which discovered that’s your m13 is suck.