This game is wonderfully balaned!

Never do anything! No need for balance adjustment! Until the game finnaly got 0 player left!


There are 100k or so unique players every day - so don’t hold your breath!

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I thought of making an effort to entertain the idea that anyone here even cares about balance. Most people on this forum narrow-mindedly reject or ignore all concepts offered and no one relevant even appears to address any suggestions. The forums like the game operate from a biased populous and the aren’t concerned with competition but more or less how to eradicate it entirely. Eventually the game will be pve exclusively or die, a fate they are oblivious to or content with it appears. It’s funny, they think that because it’s not experienced a decline yet that it won’t ever, if nothing is addressed they won’t be able to support growth, if they don’t sustain development fewer people play, fewer people play the game loses population. Rather than address this the most who browse these forums simply make comments like the one below instead of offering some level of open interpretation to change.
How many games flopped recently is somehow this one is just different because it can still stay afloat in a dismal state due to being free to play? Even if, why be content with something so poorly arranged? I mean, some of the balancing needs aren’t even subjective due to the asymmetrical nature of the game, they’re just objectively logical. Not to mention the state of negligence towards certain things that need addressed. I guess in all reality, maybe they foresee the outcome and would rather have fewer real players, after all that would mean less competition and the balance of the game thus far indicates that they want no competition.

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I don’t know how bad the Russian front is, but there aren’t possible matches on the US front. If you win the Germans, no matter what rank, simply let you in favor of playing for kills. The game for Germany is that easy. The worst part is the fact that the Normandy campaign is pretty much any WW2 games staple. If it’s in the game that’s the front most efforts should be directed towards from a lucrative stand point. It is however seen as abhorrent to even suggest there be a change that doesn’t favor Germany. Realistically, it’s not even possible to think otherwise because of how blatantly better the German team is. Countless complaints but there all brushed away and ignored because refusal is their favored short term solution for what will become a long term problem over time.

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For sure theres many things that the allies had at their disposal on D-day that they could add that would help balance the game out a bit. For example, if they added the ability for the US team to us Naval strikes and things such as that it would help, there’s also the point of having airborne too they could even try to experiment with that. I understand that historically, the first wave of allied forces on D-day that the surival rate was a mere twenty five percent. However, this is a video game and they need to balance that out, perhaps no spawn delay at all on the beach for the US side

III ----III when will they ban the most prolic bunch of hackers in this game permanly aimbot fire thru tanks =walls hills never reload can shoot them all day they can re animate in 2 secs all are gen lvl they love to stomp low lvl newbies when I see one of these shit stains I leave