This game is no longer safe. Developers, should you guys do anything about it?

The player named Kyui01 didn’t want to explain too much. You guys, try downloading the replay and see for yourself. I hope he doesn’t change his name.Enlisted Here is the replay download link

Things that make you go, hmmmm


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what exactly are we talking about here?

instead of explaining what he did in few words you want us to watch 10-30 minute replay…

and i believe it wasn’t explained due to well u know. rules

idk what kind of rules would prohibit just briefly explaining what he did… e.g. racism, hate speech or whatever.

He shoots with almost no recoil + sometimes he kills through boxes and bushes.


Just enter this guy’s name in the search to replay, just 1-2 minutes after starting the game. And he’s the 8th person I’ve met this week. And I’m tired of reporting and tired of people telling me there aren’t any cheaters in the game.

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I was going to say wth was going on. But thank you for providing more context for this. So… Sus behavior, asian sounding username… Ok, I suggest sending it with support and seeing what they tell you. But that’s all from me. I’d say more, but I dont think Id be pleasant.

there you go cat out of the bag

bit more than some times, :stuck_out_tongue:

alright, I’ve looked at his most recent game where he got like 220+ kills without even playing any vehicles which is hella impressive, so i initially thought he was just a really good player + the enemy team was dumb/full of bots + he got really lucky. There were some sus moments where he would shoot through smoke, or shoot through windows where the enemy was obscured, but i thought it might be a technical glitch on my end since replays are kind of buggy and maybe the enemies were more obvious than it seemed, it just didn’t render properly or something.

I then took a look at the 12 minute game against you and uhh yeah this guy is definitely sus. He has like 7x more kills than the next guy on the leaderboard, quickscopes with snipers, shoots through flames and, not to mention, straight lasers in onto people through bushes. This guy definitely got wallhacks and/or some type of aim assist

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Those who keep saying this Im starting to doubt they played for as long as they say. Or are also being sus themselves. There are cheaters, however, Im not seeing them a dime a dozen, best not to overblow the problem out of proportion.

Also, I dont understand what those who keep barking about cheating are going to get around here. You are better just making a case to support. And moving on with your life.

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well considering all the new posts about being shot through bushes,
and all blaming bots, and want them nerfed, and to see this, well

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tbh i dont trust recoil in replay.

also there is known bug where replay shows destroyed boxes (idk if they ever fixed it and if bushes are also affected).

To cheat in Enlisted of all games lmao like bro 90% of the enemy team is bots anyway, how handicapped you gotta be to resort to that shit :sob::sob::sob:

You should DM Mods/Helpers on the forum and send them the replay. They’ll probably sort it out faster than through ingame reports


If they don’t do anything after launching on Steam, that’s a normal thing we deal with every day

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This really may be shaping into some sort of H&G scenario, isn’t it… Starting to have some regrets with moolah. I mean there is a reason I held out on being a tester and etc. If Im being honest.


This is so sus

Modern multiplayer is utterly infested to the point I think it’d be a safe bet to a say a full third of players are cheating in some way
Console a bit less, but there’s XIM and Cronus subhumans to deal with there


I’ve been playing online games since the dawn of online games and the only answer you are going to get from the Devs or moderators on this topic is to trying to make you feel like you are wrong when you know you are right. There is a psychology term for this that I can’t think of at the moment. Edit: Gaslighting is the term I was looking for.

Followed closely by extreme censorship of the topic. It’s not a problem if it doesn’t exists. Really surprised this isn’t already locked.

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