The test version of the editor is missing the `flak_36_sdkfz_6_2_char` model assets

missing flak_36_sdkfz_6_2_char

It will break the functionality of mods games. .

Please remember to add it in the official update.

Also, please do not change the list of loaded models inexplicably, as this will destroy the functionality of the mods games.

I noticed that the test version editor has loaded a lot of new models, but please do not change the existing ones.

@Enginya @106054965 Help Help Help flak_36_sdkfz_6_2_char

It is using to make the sdfkz6 half track vehicle


If they destroy Big action with their update, I’m won’t play at all, I don’t think they will as the can see how popular it is.

@James_Grove Hello, please don’t break Big Action mod as it’s the end game of Enlisted and the new vehicles make it so. @tommyZZM has done such a good job, better than base game I think.

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i already reported it.

and was about to warn you

from the callisto server, i noticed that tiger H1, KV ZIs 5, and the 17 pounder no long works / are there.

but you can still use the animchar on the 17.


plus, it has been labeled acknowledged.
i also asked and reported the missing tanks since CBT.

such as the:


if i missed any, let me know and i’ll include them.

which as those do not work, i’d say those are bugs.

and apparently @Enginya found out about those issues when asked about the KV2 in the russian forum.

it might not be much, but that’s the best we have.

hopefully devs will reintroduce the ones removed as well as the others.

they did it with the modern tanks and moon map, i don’t see why they shouldn’t with the others.

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This is a very huge update, you can expect that mod and editor get hitted by it and get problem, this is neither dev or staff fault is something that happen

  • some item name change
  • texture or model get updated and dont work anymore in the mod
  • the new engine/game version is incompatible with the old one in the mod

You can only hope that tommy is able to fix it if it gonna happen and dont forget to give him a lot of cheering