The sandbox portal is littered with spam and abdudancy and should be more strict

No offense really but…

Is the sandbox portal being moderated? Why is this allowed?

Also these thumbnails?


Why would you even? Are you insecure about your work, and don’t want to show reality? Instead, you try to “hide behind” these, misleading thumbnails? Or is it so hard to upload a 4:3 JPEG photo of your creation? I don’t think so.


This is an OK Thumbnail. It’s from the game and has a clear message. It’s probably a custom mission on moscow with early ww2 weapons


And this is not. Not from the game, has no information what you are trying to offer. Testing stuff? Then you don’t need to post this, as there is A DRAFT BUTTON.

It would be real nice if uploaders had standards. Basic stuff, nothing out extraordinary is being asked here. I hope.

That would be all.


call me retard but i dont know how to use screenshots in the thumbnail. Also i didnt know about the draft feature but thank you for informing me

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The simple way is to not upload screenshots image, then only the publish draft button can be clicked to avoid accidentally clicking the publish button.


Such as some private testing, you can still share the link like this. But by default other players cannot see your drafts from the public list


Thank you!

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