The hangar looks weird after new update

Hard to tell if it is intended or not

Also i am lagging lot more now after the update

I’m checking it myself, i have the same problem

just another " full send it " update without checking first.
in true old enlisted fashion eh ? :wine_glass:


hehe. its going to need a bit of fixing


nice free win for everyone

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They predicted your victory


How is such crucial error even possible after several test servers?

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It wasnt an issue in the test server so they might have fucked something up after it


Do you use an integrated GPU / what GPU do you have? (Might be GPU specific issue.)

I have no idea what even is a gpu. How can i search that?

Graphics card.

Oh. Where can i find it?

in windows search type “dxdiag”

should show you under display


Can either check in Device Manager - >Display Adapter
Or Advanced Display Settings

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Press Win+R;
Type dxdiag and press Enter;

If you don’t have a dedicated video card, i would like to know your cpu’s name (System, CPU line).
If you have a dedicated video card then there should be 2 Display tabs (one for the integrated and one for the dedicated video card) with their names.

So far the game ran fine for me all those years, but this update certainly changed something for the worse (I got a integrated graphic card). I got the same weird looking menu/hangar view that iso_seppo123 showed above, with an abysmal FPS (was about 30 to 40 before).

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Dang, reminds me of my game design classes and the projects I had to submit.

Even after double checking everything before submitting, even testing on both my computer and the school computer that id be running it on for presentation, there would still be some major error that decides to pop up for absolutely no reason when it came to presentation day.

Definitely a feelsbad moment


well i remember one uni assignment. had to do encode and decode based on some algorithm. i noticed a bug 2 hours before presentation, fixed it in encode section and forgot to fix it in decode section. half the time program worked(when i tested it) and half the time program didnt work(in presentation). it was basically one minute fix, but i forgot to apply it cause it passed on my initial testing.