The Gunner of Pz.3N could fire his weapon through tank's armor

Firstly, this is a bug that was previously claimed to be fixed by Darkflow, and to my knowledge, it only appeared on those open-topped vehicles at the time.


This is my loadout for Pz.3N, as you see only Commander and Gunner got MP 40s.

This is the replay ID, just some bot-farm though.

The situation occurred after the Driver was killed by PIAT. As you can see, whether the commander is observing, manipulating AA MG, or even getting off the vehicle for repair, there are always some kills caused by a Bot with MP 40 in the kill-log, and this Bot can only be the Gunner.

Just to remind everyone to pay attention to this possible situation.

I still have this bug happen when using open-top tanks.

Maybe Darkflow is trying to make frontal mg usable by Ai ?

It will be good if this hull mg can work IMO.

Yes The bug still happen randomly in all tank, especially the Brits Sherman 2

That gunner actually has fired on enemies from the side, plus, this is something that WT doesn’t have, so I think there should be no relationship between the two.

For me, if every AI infantry can be smart enough to independently counter tanks at the right time, that would be a good chance to add hull MG and even firing small arms through the observation windows.