The greed is real

I just noticed that Im expected to pay again for more squad slots on a different campaign. This is obnoxious. Ive paid probably 1000 dollars for fortnite skins for my daughter and Ive never felt so irritated by a pay scheme. Ive paid probably 150 dollars for enlisted gold and Im very annoyed that Im fighting with sticks and stones and no progress every time I play a new campaign, having to pay for every grenade? Seriously? Every gun? come on. You are turning me off.

what do you mean?

They will refund all slots in Gold.
Just buy them again.


Squad slots will be reset and refunded with the upcoming merge. I wouldn’t buy anything until then.

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It’s not that simple, even if they refund slots in gold new slots are going to cost 2x as much since you will buy slot for only single nation. So that refund realistically not going to let us buy the same amount of slots as before unless you maxed out all slots in all campaigns (i did not). I have multiple campaigns with purchased 2-3 slots which in case of Normandy+Pacific would give me back just 2960 gold while you need 4440 gold to buy back 2 slots for Normandy and Pacific for USA+Ger+JP (each nation having 2 slots). Unless they give us refund separately for each faction and link them together so it will be worth more if we have more slots across multiple variants of the same nation i can’t see it working well for light spenders. You won’t be able to buy back those slots unless you pay more since new slots going to cost double as much as before other option would be making big sale on slots which would cost as much as the currently are for both nations with each purchase so instead of 490 it would cost 245 gold for the first slot.

7th slot for squad is only 490 :coin: but it is an worthy investment.

After the update there will be no premium slots in campaigns, but for whole armies.

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The merge will take care of redoing stuff each campaign.
Obviously you should spend gold the way you want but I personally don’t spend gold on stuff like grenades or guns. I use the free currency for that.

I didn’t look at it this way.
Still, over all 6 campaigns it works out cheaper except for Japan which has 1 campaign merging into 1 nation.
Western allies merges 3 campaigns into 1 nation. Soviets the same. Germans 5 campaigns into 1 nation.
Previously if you wanted to max out all slots it was 6x 5000-ish gold and now it’s 4x 5000-ish gold.
Cheaper for those wanting the merge that it is. If in general you’re against the merge then there is much to be found against it. I personally can’t wait!
Also, this is assuming the prices don’t raise in general (not talking about the 490/245 thing). That would really suck because I want to have max slots for all 4 nations and not spend more than 20.000 gold.


You didn’t get maximum slots for each factions before… So not having maximum slots after the war thunder under update just means…

The same, does it not?

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Slots should cost half as much as right now since you are purchasing two slots for both nations instead one.

I had a high iq strat to buy as much as 490 slots as possible to get them converted into 8-10 slots for each nation in new enlisted and then i got screwed by their laziness because they won’t convert anything but just do ordinary refund. So yeah i can only dream about 10 slots now especially since refund will have only half of value as original amount since you pay now for just slot per single nation not two at same time. It’s a bad change for anyone but the wealthiest whales that had 10/10 slots across all nations. Slot price need to go down in half that’s for sure.

Yes you said that and I agreed with that but overall maxing out all slots will be cheaper.
Previously it was 6x 4960 and now it will be 4x 4960. Assuming they don’t raise the price per slot.

You should see the thread I made on Stalingrad slots. You’d like it. It’s about the 3 Stalingrad slots and how they should be worth around 18.000 gold.