The fastest game to end this week

Just like most of the current combat environments
It’s just that he ended it in the shortest possible time
This is a senior game
When I parachuted from the first point and started trying to massacre
Most of the enemy’s main force fled the objective they were supposed to protect
Therefore, we did not receive any substantial air defense threats or ambush.
After I kill all the defenders and send my squad to defend and plant bombs
Go around the train to the left and use TNT to sneak attack the No. 4 tank.

The next few explosion points were all because the enemy had no one to prepare to defend.
and a turnover at high speed without enough defenders.

So what am I doing?
The attack speed was too fast and I can’t remember what I did.
It seems that two stations No. 2 and No. 4 were bombed.
Then he accidentally destroyed a 188?

I wish I could have such a group of players with sufficient offensive awareness to fight together most of the time

Rather than having this kind of active friendly forces only when forming a team or a convoy

So basically you participated in another Enlisted Seal Clubbing? :rofl:


It seems that Axis expected an easy victory but faced a stacked enemy team instead, serves them right for being braindead.
I swear to God that Axis got very inflexible since victory farmers switched, Axis run out of the objective to camp incoming attackers from cover which works really well 75% of the time, but when the enemy rushes the objectives than they can’t react at all.

This game is so unbalanced that I played a whole game and didn’t get any exp.

When I entered the game, my team was already finishing a cap, so from the respawn, I started running to the cap when it was already captured.

I kept running to the next cap when my team was already capturing it. As soon as I reached the cap, it was already captured and the team was almost to the other cap.

I kept running and the same thing happened. I arrived and had already captured it, but I was closer to them, so I would capture the last cap.

No way. The paratroopers had already taken the last cap and captured it when I was halfway there.

All this in 8 minutes.

Been playing BR3 and it just seems there are enough people playing BR3 that they’re being pushed into BR5 matches

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a few weeks ago, playing as BR 3 Soviets would nearly always be a down tier

recently playing BR 3 as anyone is has been pretty much all full uptiers.

gotta love the current iteration of BR :expressionless:

I’m playing allies rn and I keep getting matches where the team loses the first obj within the first two minutes of the game starting

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Honestly, unless there are a couple of Vets on the defending team (also Map dependent), The first point often falls quickly due to the nature of all the defenders spawning clumped up in the middle of the point, And some Tanker spawns in and Can fire into that bunch in the first 10 seconds of the game (give or take)

Its a bit of a shitty feeling but yeah. quite common. I certainly abuse that when on assault, with tanks, flamers, mortars or whatever. (IMO objectives need to be bigger, and default spawns spread out)

most defending teams sit and lie in wait. Just asking to be overrun. gotta spread out and counter attack! ASAP

A counter Attacking Defending Team is OP (unlimited lives)

A waiting Defending team gets steam rolled.

I used to ONLY play with the Allies for a year and a half and had a 52% w/l average which I don’t mind since that means it is relatively balanced. Then out of the blue, my computer updates and get shower raped 20 consecutive games going from 227 rank to 207. So, despite my internal objections I started a German squad and they won 80% of the time. Now, since the reset of rankings my German squads were seal clubbed 11 straight games and my Allies 3 straight games. So again, against my internal objections started a Russian squad. Again, seal clubbed. Started a Japanese squad and after 6 games have a 60% w/l percentage. Out of those 6 matches, I think 4 were clubbings and 2 were really good matches. But I hate starting over with primitive rifles, it sucks when your used to decent weapons. I think my Allies is now at 47% and my Germans have dropped to 78%.

If only enlisted had a decent matchmaker

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The common denominator is you :laughing:

JK man, I play mostly Germany BR5 and every battle my nuts go into the meatgrinder, the only question is who puts them there, USA or Russia.

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The vast majority of my level 5 has been with the Allies, with maybe 5 with the Germans. My level 5 Allies is maxxed, but not quite as much with the Germans, although I got 2 ot 3 free level 5 German squads and one level 5 Russian squad. Not sure why, maybe when they switches from the old to the new, but since I had only played with the Germans some when I first started and disbanded those squads when they changed the game I had not even looked at my German units. Then one day, I looked and I had two squads that were level 5. So, I did purchase a paratroope squad so I have a complete unit now. Not like the allies that I had to grind for a year and a half to get. :rofl:

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Me too, had USA maxed out before merge.
Then I wanted to play Germany but didnt want to start grinding form the start.
I was lucky to have several powerful German event squads, that I never used before, enabling me to start grinding Germany not at BR1 but 5. :crazy_face: