The devs said soviet paratroopers will have a unique mechanic, what could it be?

Hello comrades!

As seen in this post, it was mentioned by the devs that the soviet paratroopers will have a unique mechanic…

What could it be? does anyone know any unique things they used in reality?

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Imo, they said the same for Italian one and they get paratroopers with flamethrowers, so probably would be some kind of offensive weapon as usual

Or just a deviation

in il2 stalingrad soviet paratroopers drop from a transport plane with a defensive turret, so maybe the unique mechanics is on the plane not the squad


they can equip any weapon and are not limited to the gun of the squad. I think that is the unique mechanic


I think, they will have special outfit part “Telnyaga” and will jump not to battlefield, but to park fountain.

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or maybe they jump without parachutes and land in soft snow. The squad could be twice the size of normal one but there is 50% chance that the soldier dies of fall damage


Personally I’m tired of adding unique mechanics that turn out to be some fantasy powercreep junk, while some basic mechanics haven’t been working for years.


I think its probably this one. Making them pretty much the king of all the paras

Drop into snow drifts without parachutes!

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somethink op to please the gaijin overlords

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IS-3 dropped from the plane?

yea imagine you use this squad in berlin tho how funny that would be tbh

The Berlin map doesn’t support this behavior, you can’t get off the roof, and there’s no viable path to the floors.

im talking about how funny it would be cause of course it doesnt make sense in berlin map

My guess is that you can use the box multiple times and mix diffrent loadouts individually for each soldier AKA first 1 AT guy then you chose 1 radio guy and then an engie guy because why limit yourself to just 1 and f you current paratroopers.

Maybe they can land on the train?

“they”? I thought people have orange title after their ID are some kind of officials that at least know what is going on in the development

Looks like they just want us to do riddles.